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Fantastic Days takes players into the world of stories and battles of anime characters. Build the strongest party and win against all fearsome opponents.

Fantastic Days is a strategy and adventure game built with an exciting plot and unexpected details. The game has left many unforgettable impressions with many players. The journey to discover diverse storylines and character routes will begin. Combined with visual and sound effects, a magical world full of novelties has been opened. Conquer all lands!

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為美好的世界獻上祝福!Fantastic Days


In Fantastic Days, many characters follow the primary and secondary routes. The mainline characters are companions throughout the game, such as Azuma, Akya, Megumin and Darkness, Alice and Cecily, etc. You can choose them to form a party. The side characters will include the excellent side and the evil side. The good side will support and help you in your challenges. On the contrary, the evil side will be the force that confronts you. The characters are individually voiced to make a difference and a more realistic experience as if they were really embodying the character.

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Each character will have a different appearance and outstanding characteristics. The characters have sublime spells but must gradually upgrade to high levels, and the new magical ability is really promoted. You can upgrade the most robust character when you reach five power stars. Players will choose 4 of their favorite characters to form a super-strong team. This party will explore new areas and fight to defeat evil in the game world.

為美好的世界獻上祝福!Fantastic Days


The plot of Fantastic Days will be your party’s adventures to special lands. Here, they will perform challenges and accumulate experience and items to become stronger. The challenges of the group of magical heroes are beasts, and they cause fights and great damage to the people of those lands. They need your team to help and drive them away. They promise to pay you well.

The way to fight with monsters is not to directly launch the attack but to command the whole team. Each member will have their own skills and strengths. Your task is to arrange them into a squad according to your plan to optimize their strength. Then, the characters in the match will automatically launch moves from your side to the opponent’s side. The challenges and the monsters will also be different in each different land. The monsters are designed according to the villains in the anime movies, ferocious but also very lovable.

為美好的世界獻上祝福!Fantastic Days


Of course, it’s impossible not to reward such formidable challenges. Your reward is gold and diamonds. There are dozens of challenges corresponding to dozens of different levels in Fantastic Days. Not only is there a variety of game area maps, but it is also a variety of rewards for each level. The higher the level, the more complex the difficulty and the more attractive the rewards.

Gold is something that is easy to obtain and is sure to be obtained after every monster and level up. However, diamonds are quite rare, and players can choose to load diamonds or participate in events and big missions to receive them. N diamonds are also more precious and can buy many items of great value. In addition, there is another bonus of “meat.” Meat is obtained from in-game activities and increases the character’s stamina.

為美好的世界獻上祝福!Fantastic Days


  • Actually, it opens up a magical world with two sides of kind of good and evil, which is fairly significant. The never-ending battle between the actually good side and the definitely evil side literally is always going on
  • Your party consists of 4 members chosen by yourself from dozens of different anime characters in a subtle way. Diverse for all intents and purposes, many character lines with funny cartoon design
  • Automated squad combat with your command and particularly your plan. Upgrade characters to kind of more stars to increase magic power
  • Unlock dozens of levels with challenging difficulty, which kind of is fairly significant. Each level particularly is a different and increasingly tricky enemy
  • Definitely, get rewards worthy of pretty your ability from completing goals, or so they really thought. Meat, gold, and diamonds will basically help you basically buy fairly many items and mostly upgrade kind of your character

為美好的世界獻上祝福!Fantastic Days v3.5.0 MOD APK (Damage/Defense) Download

Download (132M)

Download (132M)

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