Download 1010! v69.2.399 MOD APK (Unlocked All Themes)

1010! Mod APK brings a great entertainment space with the participation of colorful geometric blocks. Players take turns using the color blocks provided by the system to fill in the gaps in the board and make them disappear.

1010! requires players to possess acumen and rich imagination when completing the blocking board with the highest score. Color blocks are provided randomly; the system makes general requirements for the whole challenge process. Players need to get the highest score and break their records in turn. To make your fun more competitive, we’ve created fun networking communities. There, you can compare your performance with everyone’s on the leaderboards.

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1010! Block Puzzle Game


The whole challenge revolves around color blocks and how to arrange them on the big board 1010! provide. Players receive the task of completing the board with the most convincing score. The color blocks provided come in a variety of shapes. The system emits three blocks of free color and shapes for each supply. Players will move them to any area you want on the menu. From there, the system accepts your combos and determines their position on the leaderboard.

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When the player is able to finish arranging a block of any color on the board, but there is no room for the remaining blocks, the game is over. The game is held in a free form; there will be no levels. Sometimes, the score you get to a higher level, the system will give you colored blocks that are detrimental to you. That is why players must always be careful with any decisions while experiencing this content.


The process of testing your wits at 1010! takes place much more smoothly when players understand the basic requirements. Each member is allowed to unleash their ability to assemble and make blocks on the board disappear when creating a completely horizontal or vertical row. You can make them disappear once; the plus points will be added to your total quickly. Accumulating points will help players achieve higher achievements.

Every step requires consideration and care. Beautiful graphics combined with high performance have made the game a sought-after content. We’d love to see your valuable feedback on your experience with each update. All notable changes are notified in advance. The process of conquering the top of a jigsaw puzzle can be interrupted by any job. However, don’t worry; you can pause it and do your work, the score will be saved!

1010! Block Puzzle Game 1010! Block Puzzle Game


Hundreds of players will come together for a challenge at 1010! The main surprise is that you will be participating in the big and small rankings in the player community. Strange faces will become your friends or opponents in this exciting content fight. In addition, notable activities such as competitive events and puzzle season, in turn, will add to the excitement of the fun.

With the public leaderboard, players can fully check the list of participating candidates and see their scores and time periods. The top position of the leaderboard always changes, depending on the number of points you achieve. However, nothing is guaranteed if you have the courage to overcome them in the new game. In addition, conquer yourself by challenging yourself at new milestones, pushing limits, and moving forward.


1010! creates many new playgrounds for you, the best experiences when participating as the king of puzzle games will give you more confidence to conquer the tournament. There won’t be any limits; the game stops when the board has no room for your blocks. A suitable strategy will help players quickly create light explosions and disappear colored blocks. It’s even better if you join system-connected communities where everyone jostles for the top spot on the leaderboard.

1010! Block Puzzle Game 1010! Block Puzzle Game


  • Explore a unique jigsaw puzzle, get color blocks generated by the system and arrange them on the available board.
  • Complete the board by making the block disappear when creating an uninterrupted horizontal or vertical row.
  • Add more special challenges with increasing difficulty according to the number of points you achieve at the moment.
  • Develop your thinking ability through completing jigsaw tasks and performing them to receive a worthy reward.
  • Challenge yourself in an exciting leaderboard battle with the community of players of this popular puzzle game.

1010! v69.2.399 MOD APK (Unlocked All Themes) Download

Download (61M)

Download (61M)

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