Download 1LINE v2.2.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, Unlocked Level)

1LINE is a fun one-touch game. Players will be provided with a board filled with colored dots, you will have to connect them with only one line, and the drawing needs to be guaranteed meaning and content.

1LINE shows off your creativity with impressive recipes. Players will come into contact with a board consisting of many small dots, which are puzzles that need you to complete. With the powerful support of the hint system always available on the screen, you can quickly complete the game. This is a measure of intelligence for everyone, and you will have the opportunity to increase your thinking ability and enjoy many benefits from rewarded free experience packages.

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1LINE – One Line with One Touch


1LINE’s leaderboard will include components such as a level calculator, the level of intelligence you get, and the space to connect the dots. Players participating in the tournament for all ages will have the opportunity to develop their ability to see and judge. When given a board with scattered dots, you will have to work and think positively to solve them. The mouse pointer or the pen handle will move across the face of the device so you can connect them in a straight line.

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The system will provide related tasks in 1LINE’s mailbox. You should check it out every day to make sure you don’t miss any interesting information about today’s competition fun. Every day, the system refreshes the task. And of course, each such quest always has a huge reward for the best. Will you be able to surpass everyone and stay at the top of the leaderboard? You will know that when you accept the terms offered and start playing.

1LINE – One Line with One Touch 1LINE – One Line with One Touch


More and more games later, 1LINE increases the difficulty. Players are provided with spacious space to draw shapes and observe points and levels achieved. They can also get hints that are scattered when the game starts, and you can easily see important points missed by adjacent polka dots. Hints will give you a preview of how the system will solve the puzzle, and when the video is over, you can start.


1LINE allows you to use only one stroke to represent the connected drawings from the dot on the board. More content requires reaching certain levels, overcoming difficult puzzles in special rounds, and gaining more experience for later games. Levels will be continuously counted, and players will soon set foot on the leaderboards and receive more incentives. Intellectual fun will bring you a more comfortable feeling. Play and enjoy unique drawing content!

1LINE – One Line with One Touch 1LINE – One Line with One Touch


  • Access to game content revolves around drawing a single stroke on the available polka dots to create a meaningful image product.
  • Go through the dense level system to feel the progress of the game overcome the challenges set in the given rounds.
  • Many missions will be played in the mailbox; check them every day because the system will refresh when the game is activated tomorrow.
  • Refer to the hints provided by the manufacturer, pay attention to the useful information displayed, and complete your puzzle.
  • Receive many special rewards for the difficult task, huge incentives such as extra rounds, free hints will be applied.

1LINE v2.2.45 MOD APK (Unlimited Hints, Unlocked Level) Download

Download (24M)

Download (24M)

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