Download 7 Billion Zombies v1.3.88 MOD APK + OBB (Menu: Damage/God Mode)

7 Billion Zombies Mod APK opens the battlefield of heroes with legions of zombies. Gather the strongest army and rely on your smart strategy to win in any situation!

What if most people in the world turned into zombies?? Will the earth be destroyed? Those questions will be the problems you need to solve in 7 Billion Zombies. This is a strategy game. Combined with automatic combat elements, the game offers a whole new experience when it takes players to get lost in the fantasy world of zombies. With skill and smart strategy, finding the source of everything returns the world to its original peace.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG

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In the chaotic world, everyone in the world has almost turned into zombies because of the scary virus. So a huge legion of the undead with the same number as the name of the game – 7 Billion Zombies. This is the “specialty” of the game. The zombie names are varied and diverse, with many types of zombies. Scary appearance, along with attack ability, infects anyone they meet.

The zombies are designed to be transformed from people in the world, so each one has its own appearance and characteristics. They gather in a group. At each level, groups of zombies will fight with your team. There are many levels, and corresponding to that, the strength of the zombies is increased gradually. But defeating all seven billion zombies is probably impossible. Therefore, you need to find out the secret behind the growth and development of zombies to save humanity.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG


Players must form a strong team to defeat zombies because alone cannot defeat them. This squad is made up of many heroic characters. 7 Billion Zombies has hundreds of characters to choose from, and each character has different skills and strengths. Read the character description carefully to choose people with the elements you want. Note about the limit on the number of people in the team at each level because you can recruit more people when you go to a new level.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG

Collect items dropped from fighting Zombies to level up your squad. At higher levels, their actual combat ability is more robust. For big Bosses, a reasonable and effective battle strategy is needed. Build tactics with attack positions, formations, and weapons for the characters of your team. You do not need to control yourself from the fighting character because they will be done in the form of automatic fighting. So a good strategy is a key to your victory.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG


Zombies exist worldwide, which means you have many areas to explore. 7 Billion Zombies has a map design that explores the world with new continents and lands. Meet other characters and squads to socialize and fight together. There is a ranking of the strongest squads in the region and the world. That’s where you know where your squad is. Improve your tactics and power up to win more battles with zombie armies. Only then your squad’s name can appear in high positions in the world rankings.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG

And, of course, your ultimate goal is to save the world from the onslaught of a virus that turns everyone into zombies. If we kill seven billion zombies in the world, will this earth still have humans? Therefore, you need to find the source of the virus’ spread. From there, uncover the mystery and find the antidote to this virus. That is the best way to deal with this disaster.

7 Billion Zombies – Idle RPG


  • The world with more than 7 billion people has been infected with a virus that causes most people to turn into Zombies, a giant zombie army suddenly.
  • You form a heroic team of characters with supernatural powers to save the world. Choose from hundreds of different characters.
  • Diverse types and shapes of zombies in each level. The higher the level, the stronger and harder the zombies are to kill.
  • Upgrade the strength of the squad and weapons. In particular, create an intelligent attack strategy always to win even if the opponent is Big Boss.
  • Compete with many other teams to appear on the leaderboard of the championship team. Explore many lands and find out the secret to saving humanity.

7 Billion Zombies v1.3.88 MOD APK + OBB (Menu: Damage/God Mode) Download

Download (1.2G)

Download (1.2G)

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