Download ABC Song Rhymes v4.00 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

ABC Song Rhymes v4.00 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

ABC Song Rhymes Mod APK – Anyone can watch ABC songs and offline rhymes videos without a data/internet connection.

Everyone can enjoy ABC songs and offline rhyming videos whenever and wherever they want, without requiring a data/internet connection. Teachers and anybody else can use this program to keep students and children entertained while learning. Handpicked ABC Songs and Top Nursery Rhymes Videos for everyone. They were sorted to enjoy all their favorite ABC Songs by Kidzooly, including top videos and most viewed songs from the Videogyan Learning Songs Series. They are rhymes, alphabets, numbers, colors, phonics, vegetable finger family, and fruits finger family.

ABC songs offer lovely music to help you learn your ABCs. Children spend time exploring new worlds using Phonics to learn how to use alphabets, ABCs, and words. Nursery rhymes are used to help youngsters comprehend numbers from 1 to 10 simply and enjoyably. Color melodies to enjoy the beauty of colors. Explore the world of shapes and learn about their various properties. The app introduces the audience to vehicles such as cars, trains, planes, and buses. Learn about nature’s fascinating color play, appreciate nature’s various colors, and discover more about yummy fruits and popular Finger Family Songs.

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Using charming cartoons, teach children about different veggies and how they appear. Enjoy the sounds of domestic animals… Elephants, lions, bears, and other wild animals are featured in the song Finger-family. There are fun Entertaining Kids Musical Instruments such as children’s pianos, xylophones, and drums. Listen to charming children’s voices describe fairy tales and bedtime stories: Learning Addition, Subtraction, and other arithmetic concepts through fun games for kids.

There is a beautiful underwater world with moving items, creatures, and other things to play with. Play with the keyboard, drums, and xylophone for kids. Listen to Kids Voice tell Bedtime Stories. To learn new alphabets, numbers, shapes, and fruits, colorful pop balloons, tap and interact with the cute items to learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes. Everyone can benefit from Preschool Math Games. Offline Videos, Fun Animations, Songs, Finger Family Videos

ABC Song Rhymes v4.00 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (94M)

Download (94M)

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