Download Adventure Reborn v1.33 MOD APK (All Chapters Unlocked)

Adventure Reborn is an action-adventure game with a classic role-playing form for players to control characters with diverse abilities to experience rich gameplay, using weapons drop randomly to conquer attractive levels.

Adventure Reborn has always been a name that many players have recently mentioned. In the game, players experience in the form of role-playing combined with additional FPS elements for you to control the character with the ability to perform challenges. Besides, the game also lets you participate in adventurous adventures to save the world.

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Adventure Reborn: story game


As one of the unique adventure games, Adventure Reborn has re-appeared with a completely new look, bringing a new adventure space for players to participate. This game is quite interesting; it is set in the post-apocalyptic world, where dangerous toxic gases heavily pollute the atmosphere. The player’s main task will have to explore locations in the post-apocalyptic world to solve long unresolved questions.

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Adventure Reborn: story game


The game has the gameplay to meet NPC hero characters to go together to rescue your parents. Adventure Reborn lets players transform into the character Hope, a fearless girl with a rather mysterious past. Before the sinister plans of Dr. Frank and his cult, the player will have to face them to foil their entire plan. Meet the NPC characters, who have survived the pollution by toxic gas. Through conversations with them, players will get more information.

Adventure Reborn: story game


In the adventure in the post-apocalyptic world, players will have to go through hundreds of different questions. Therefore, approaching NPC characters is too necessary to help you answer your questions. From there, players will gradually discover the mysterious plans that Dr. Frank is hiding.

Through the features mentioned above, it has been proved that this game is really an exciting puzzle adventure game in the NPC style. Through the game, players will have a lot of experience discovering the mysteries that the game brings.

Adventure Reborn: story game


  • The game is built in the context of a post-apocalyptic world story with a heavily polluted space by hazardous toxic fumes.
  • The game brings exceedingly terrible graphics that will surely bring players to satisfy their thirst for crazy action to fight the monsters to bring humanity back to peace.
  • The game offers adventure – exciting action combined with the form of puzzles to ask questions in the process of searching for hidden targets.
  • Answer the puzzles correctly for a chance to explore more colorful locations and meet more brave heroes in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Play the game and immerse yourself in the story of the character Hope, who has a mystery past and is on a journey to save his parents from the Crow cult.

Adventure Reborn v1.33 MOD APK (All Chapters Unlocked) Download

Download (132M)

Download (132M)

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