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Age of Apes takes the player to a setting where the only thing left alive are monkeys, and they want to realize their idea of going to space by starting to develop a base.

Age of Apes is a construction game where you will need to build a base for a group of monkeys on a near-destroyed planet. Many different buildings will bring advantageous effects and force players to complete the game’s tasks. At the same time, battles are inevitable, and you will build a strong army against mutant monkeys.

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Age of Apes


In Age of Apes, players will be transported to a world where the Last War of humanity took place and destroyed everything. It was a blessing that the monkeys survived the battle, but this was still a fierce scene as there were no bananas for them. So, in the chaotic situation, the six strongest monkeys were standing up to lead and start the process of conquering space to aim for bananas. Of course, they have also created rockets to do this.

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Rocket to fly to the sky completely needs to get enough energy from uranium, which is a common material on a planet that has experienced war. Soon after, the rocket has received enough energy and can launch at any time, and everything is initially completely stable until it explodes. When it got to a distance, the rocket began to succumb to the pressure, and because of the explosion, its pieces split up in different locations. These monkeys continue to collect debris and conduct research.

Age of Apes


Once you’ve seen the monkeys’ defeat in Age of Apes, you’ll help them develop their base and reach different growth goals. The first experience that you will need to pay attention to is the construction of the required buildings. At the same time, you can order a group of monkeys to go to any location to collect something, and this mechanism applies in collecting uranium at the beginning of the game. There are many other things that you can easily find.

Areas in this game are covered with fog, and it is difficult for players to identify the debris even though they can swipe to any location. So, a building that will help them explore different locations is an intel station, and the unit it provides is scouts monkey. It carries a flying device to go to areas on your command, and every place it goes, it will make the fog disappear and reveal the search target.

It can be said that there are many different buildings in this game that you can unlock, and if you do not know which buildings to prioritize first, then you should keep an eye on the events that take place and especially the quests. The game offers you a quest system with impressive rewards, and you can read the requirements and bring yourself closer to the element related to the quest. So you can quickly build an element you want, and the game’s main events also officially begin.

Age of Apes


Some rocket fragments are found and can be collected in the Age of Apes environment, but mutant monkeys center others. These monkeys don’t want peace, so everything involves different wars. At the same time, the two buildings that you need to build next are the Arena where you can meet a fighter and the pilot’s camp to train different units.

After the preparation is complete, you will teleport your base to a position close to the rocket debris using the available energy. At the same time, you will also choose exactly the target you need to fight first to protect the base, and the battle will take place automatically. Over time it’s all determined by strength, and fighters can accumulate energy and create special skills that help support teammates and attack enemies.

Age of Apes

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the development of a monkey alliance:

  • Players will learn about the current setting of the planet after the human battle and help the surviving monkeys fulfill their wishes.
  • In the environment, you can find and collect many things, and the fogs can be solved if you have scout monkeys that specialize in exploring.
  • The number of tasks is completely varied, with description lines and buttons to get to the element you need to work on or build.
  • Developing an army is necessary, and a primary team will often have fighters and support units that can be trained.
  • The battle takes place after the player has identified the enemy he has to destroy, and during the fight, the fighters will activate special skills.

Age of Apes v0.50.5 APK (Latest) Download

Download (651M)

Download (651M)

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