Download Alchemica – Crafting RPG v1. MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

In this pixel-based retro role-playing game, you can create items, travel to dungeons, and manage an alchemy shop.

Alchemica is an enjoyable RPG with match-3 puzzle elements available for Android devices. Gaia Game Studio created the game, and the mod content is included in this version for free. The player’s goal in this role-playing match-3 adventure game is to enter the kingdom of Rohendil, which is full of evil spells and rituals. Even though there hasn’t been a major conflict in decades, strong leaders should be concerned about a developing threat.

You’ll take on the role of Charlotte, a young alchemist who wants to open a small shop to sell her wares after returning to her hometown. Nobody knows what awaits the protagonist or how much weight will be placed on her vulnerable shoulders. You can expect randomized dungeons, a complex system of ancient portals, turn-based combat, a wealth of valuable gems, and familiar gameplay mechanics. One must venture into dangerous areas, gather necessary supplies, and fight formidable bosses. Those needing the items and supplies gathered can purchase them from the store. As a result, the company and its inventory can expand gradually.

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The gameplay of this game is unique in that it combines elements of traditional role-playing games with those of tycoon simulations and puzzle games. If you put in the effort, you have the potential to become an explorer. Fight through a slew of monstrous foes as you embark on an adventure through the underworld. And the alchemists are those who participate in the experiment! Look through different recipe books to learn how to make a wide range of dishes. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the retail industry! Improving your business sense, customer interaction skills, and alchemy abilities are all possible outcomes of studying alchemy store management. This game’s pixel art was entirely hand-drawn and designed to look like an old-school role-playing game. It has an engaging narrative and a large cast of intriguing characters with whom the player can converse.

Alchemica – Crafting RPG v1. MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (77M)

Download (77M)

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