Download Alice’s Resort v1.1.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Alice’s Resort blends an engaging word game with the administration of a resort. The interesting part is that the resources you obtain when you answer the riddle of the crosswords will be used to buy new and renovate the decor of the resort.

Alice’s Resort is built from the story of the failed business of Alice and her friends, everything needs to be fixed, and you will role-play to complete it. The number of resources required for this activity to take place is the reward from the crossword. Players need to use intelligence to match and solve the traditional word matching game. The updated version will support images, graphics technology, and an interface to connect with players.

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Alice's Resort – Word Game


To overcome the challenges of Alice’s Resort crosswords, players need to understand their rules. First of all, you need to join the words together so that they become complete meaningful words. The arrangement takes place vertically or horizontally; however, please observe the number of letters specified in each box to be able to complete the fastest. Additional help boxes in the game’s screen will further assist you if difficulties arise.

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The bonus that comes with the additional crossword is enormous, and if you can find the hidden crossword, you will have a further opportunity to buy new decorations. The collected resources will be used to purchase new items in the rooms. Other activities that help you overcome the game’s difficulty are sharing with friends or vice versa, helping them when they have an offer.

Alice's Resort – Word Game


When switching to the ruined hotel space, the player needs to touch each object one by one to be able to change the interior. Thanks to its striking decorative patterns, Alice’s Resort can recover from the ruins and grow stronger than before. Visitors to the resort will bring exciting stories that may interest you. From there, make trips to neighboring islands to uncover the story.

Different secrets are gradually revealed, Alice’s Resort has quite a few reasons to fall, but you will prevent it from happening. Tired moments when cleaning or happy when seeing new items and visiting guests will be captured on camera. We support the most vivid images, and it sounds like you are actually managing a real-life hotel.

Alice's Resort – Word Game


Alice’s Resort is a part of everyone’s celebration; make puzzles from the board and start matching today. Special rewards and offers will be launched during the event. Each object will have three different options to change, and you can choose one of many styles to decorate the room. We will continue to refresh the puzzle content and provide more difficult levels for the crossword puzzle. Try it out and leave your review below!

Alice's Resort – Word Game


  • Solve the island’s mystery where the resort was built and welcome exciting guests.
  • Take on the crossword challenge and start matching to make meaningful words.
  • Add new and clean up the resort, regain the glory from the past, build everything from ruins.
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful widgets from the crossword puzzle rewards.
  • Review memorable moments in the game’s online camera.

Alice’s Resort v1.1.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (63M)

Download (63M)

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