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Alien Shooter 2 is a game related to the campaign to protect the Magma corporation from the attack of strange creatures released from the laboratory. The whole system gives a warning level of danger, becoming their rescuer.

Alien Shooter 2 provides experiential content related to the fierce confrontation between different forces with Magma corporation. You will play the role of an elite employee of the company, receive the assignment of peace organizations and stand up to protect this area. The opponent has tremendous power, far beyond your imagination. Fierce confrontations will take place in many offices. The migration helps you gather more information about the lab leak. The updated version fixed the data upload issue and restored operation for Arena.

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Alien Shooter 2


The whole story takes place in Magma corporation originating from mysterious laboratories; Alien Shooter 2 will take you, in turn, to visit those rooms and find out the secret. Many of the participants in the study became cruel and transformed into various forms. They lead the monsters, ordering them to surround the area and stop anyone who opposes them. Those failed experiments made the story more interesting. Players will be able to fight monsters on many levels, get the help of many experienced colleagues, and represent justice to fight evil. Humanity is still waiting for your breakthrough; the battle can take place at any time. It’s time for players to show off their abilities.

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Alien Shooter 2


Your partners in Alien Shooter 2 will be a great source of encouragement for you to be brave enough to overcome all the challenges presented. They were experienced in fighting against the mighty monsters. Many dialogues are built to help you recognize their weaknesses, teach effective attacks, and help you soon find hidden secrets. General Baker will be the one to help you build a strategy. Nicholas will provide a map, and Kate Lia will accompany you to provide relief should a dangerous situation arise. In addition, a number of other small characters also appear to increase the drama of the story.

The map will be a necessary item for players to soon find the enemy base, where the monsters are born and develop. Once you understand the entire structure of the rooms, your journey begins. You are equipped with a high-damage gun and a few spare weapons with solid armor. Other types of items are also included in the inventory to use if you have difficulty losing strength or getting hit by bullets. Players can move more quickly if they capture a car and drive it through the bloodthirsty monsters.

Alien Shooter 2


The battles you are involved in will have the appearance of a lot of monsters. Alien Shooter 2 develops Magma corporation’s expansion campaign, the biggest challenge you face when participating in this game. Impressive scenes of the number of monsters involved, the suspenseful chases, and the appearance of soldiers. Here, monsters will appear on your screen. In order to keep alive, players need to be trained to shoot professionally. Please keep a safe distance from them and return safely; ahead is still a boss waiting for you. You can see the monster’s corpse; it’s an impressive feat that is saved.

Alien Shooter 2


Alien Shooter 2 only has confrontations and a thrilling story about the laboratory’s failure. However, it still enjoys popularity and achieves many achievements. It all boils down to rich content, quality missions, and age-appropriate changes to the system. The experience space will always have a gloomy nuance; every story takes place in the background of dramatic music. All have good support for player manipulation; the performance upgrade proves it. You can experience more special stories when you accompany us to the end of the story. Conquer the Magma world with your power!

Alien Shooter 2


  • Experience the dramatic story of the massive arrival of monsters and your and your teammates’ outstanding victories as you try to fend them off in the secret room.
  • Harsh life is formed by the cooperation of quality content and vivid images. The added dramatic sound types also make the experience more enjoyable.
  • Complete your mission as a brave employee who dares to fight to protect the peace, working with many partners to complete the job this time.
  • The dark space makes the whole story feel scary; the confrontations that break out can make the atmosphere exciting; you can observe them.
  • Fend off monster attacks in Magma’s particular campaign, drive fast to avoid monsters, and keep a safe distance from them.

Alien Shooter 2 v2.5.5 APK (Latest) Download

Download (287M)

Download (287M)

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