Download AMPlayer v2.5.5 APK + MOD (Ad-Free)

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AMPlayer v2.5.5 APK + MOD (Ad-Free)

AMPLayer is an application that allows showing all types of multimedia such as images, videos, … for Android phones. It supports many useful features and is entirely free for all users.

If you are looking for a suitable application and fix video player errors such as not supporting video files, large files, etc., then AMPLayer is the most appropriate choice. Why say that? This application allows your phone to play multimedia genres with all file formats. Now, watching every video is no longer an obstacle.


AMPLayer turns your phone into a mini TV. If the TV is the device that allows you to watch all the channels you can find, this application will enable you to watch the multimedia you want. The application supports all video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMA, MP4, etc. Even the most complex files or the simplest file types can be played in this application.

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With the player included in this application, the video loading speed will be significantly increased, allowing it to load several times faster and more smoothly than with standard applications. If you come across an exciting video on any website, copy the URL and use it to search for it within the app. The app’s filter will assist you in finding the video, and you will be able to enjoy relaxing moments with intriguing themes, thanks to it!



In addition, AMPLayer also supports your phone to view the photos like a video. Users need to upload an image as an item and give it a title to do this. The system will show all your photos in a strip like a movie when you click the play button. You can save the video playing this photo by clicking “download.” However, you cannot insert audio into the photo player. This is just a slideshow app!


This application is a leading application in media player applications, so it is quite popular. Users can search for apps on any website to download. The application does not need supporting software or anything special to install on the smartphone. To use this application, users need to set up a user account. You can sign up for a completely new account by setting up basic personal information. Or, to save more time, users can link their accounts with Gmail, Google, etc.

After successfully registering an account, you can access the application usually. With this account, you can upload your own videos to share for everyone to see. Users can also interact with their favorite videos by commenting praise. Users can gather their favorite videos into a collection of their favorite videos. That way, when you want, you can review them as quickly as possible.


AMPLayer is now more extended with many new features. One of my favorite first perks since launch is that it’s free. Everything from installing applications, registering an account, or downloading videos is free of charge. In the process of using will also ultimately incur an additional fee!

If you have used and know the application’s utility for the Android operating system, you will definitely want to install it for your computer or tablet. Don’t worry because, with the daily upgrade, the app is now installable on computer and tablet devices. The app also supports many languages suitable for customers everywhere globally, and users can also convert to the language they want, regardless of the regional language. Don’t let limitations stop you from watching the videos you like!



  • The application is a leading convenient media player for the Android system. Searchable and easy to install
  • It is like a mini TV that helps to play videos with all formats, even the most complex formats with breakneck and smooth speed.
  • Load the bar pics to a file and give it a title. The app will play it into a photo slideshow like a picture movie
  • Set up an account to use the application and perform many extended features such as video commenting, uploading your videos
  • It is entirely free for all devices from smartphones to computers and tablets. Multi-language support makes it easier to use

AMPlayer v2.5.5 MOD APK (Ad-Free) Download

Download (5M)

Download (5M)

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