Download Angry Birds Match 3 v6.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters)

In Angry Birds Match 3 Mod APK – Beat levels to save chicks from Piggies and expand your flock of beautiful Hatchlings today…

Angry Birds Match 3 is a match-three game where players will accompany the birds in this popular game series. You will spend your time working through challenging levels and unlocking new characters. At the same time, some characters help you in challenging tasks and completing them. So, you will spend your time passing the different levels, and impressive rewards are waiting for you to unlock.

Angry Birds Match 3 Angry Birds Match 3

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In the new version of Angry Birds Match 3, players will be transported to a stunning fall-related event where you’ll find decorations and related activities. At the same time, many players can not ignore the new Hatchling characters, and you will be able to unlock them when you complete your levels. So you’ll also be able to give them impressive outfits that you can’t afford to miss.

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In Angry Birds Match 3, players will go to completely impressive and beautifully designed match-three levels. At the same time, they will be able to meet some familiar characters in different levels in the game and ask them to help complete the level. The gameplay is also not too difficult to access because there will always be notifications for you to be aware of new mechanics. After understanding the gameplay, you will be able to find challenging levels.

Angry Birds Match 3 Angry Birds Match 3 Angry Birds Match 3


The gameplay that players experience in Angry Birds Match 3 is determined by various factors such as turns and requirements that you need to complete. Therefore, you are forced to collect all the elements that you are required to through your matches. At the same time, you also wholly face the requirements and antagonists to Angry Bird, the Pigs. Surely you will need to be careful in different turns to avoid wasting what you have.

An interesting point when you face opponents like Pig is that they are different from some items you need to collect. Specifically, the objects will stay in one place for you to easily make them disappear through matches, but the Pig will be the opposite. They can be anywhere, and each time you fail to make them disappear, their position on the field will change slightly. So, there are many ways to solve this problem, which is to summon the birds to help you.

Once you’ve experienced a match-three game, you will not be able to ignore the booster elements that help make up the tactical features. When you match more than three elements, you will summon a character like Red, Yellow, and many others. Red will have the ability to disappear elements appearing in a row, and Yellow will perform the cross attack. At the same time, you will discover many characters to deal with complex requests.


When you go to Angry Birds Match 3, you will spend time going through levels and events at a specific time. At the same time, each has different challenges that you will need to use your skills to complete. Completing many levels will help you unlock a Hatchling, cute-looking bird. You can also open a variety of impressive costumes for these characters once you have successfully unlocked them.


  • Unique and interesting match 3 gaming with a variety of difficult challenges
  • Collect cute Hatchlings to raise and nurture, then help them unlock new worlds so they may go adventuring in them!
  • Find combinations of four or more of the same object to release the BIG BIRDS: Red, Bomb, and Chuck!
  • Find fresh things to use as props in your scenarios so that you can keep your flock entertained.
  • Take part in one of the many unique events with a theme that are held throughout the year!
  • Come say hello to your Hatchlings and try on some new clothes while you’re there!
  • Caution: Extremely endearing levels of adorability.

Angry Birds Match 3 v6.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Lives, Boosters) Downloadv6.7.0

Download (120M)

Download (120M)

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