Download aTimeLogger v1.7.41 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

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aTimeLogger v1.7.41 APK + MOD (Unlocked)

aTimeLogger is a free time tracker for Android. Users will use this application to track their personal or employment activities.

If you find it difficult to organize your time and do not manage your time efficiently, aTimeLogger is a wonderful program to have on your computer. This useful tool will help you to keep track of your day’s progress and maintain track of all you’ve done throughout the years in one place. From there, you may use a tracking tool, which will allow you to see what you are wasting your time on.


You will only need to spend a few minutes per day on this program. You will receive data on your daily, weekly, and monthly activities in the form of specialized diagrams or graphs resulting from your participation. Using this application will assist you in effortlessly controlling and managing your time effectively. This program will assist you in analyzing your daily activities and determining whether or not you should change the time allocated to each activity. It also provides you with some answers or reminders regarding your behaviors, regardless of whether they are good.

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aTimeLogger – Time Tracker aTimeLogger – Time Tracker


The use of this application will successfully meet the needs of individuals who are overburdened with work and wish to organize their daily activities in a reasonable manner. You will be able to take advantage of its incredible capabilities in order to manage your calendar to the best of your ability.

This application is extremely beneficial to a wide range of people, including athletes who wish to increase their daily exercise regimen while also maintaining control over their food. It is also suitable for business professionals with demanding work schedules, and, of course, it is suitable for the vast majority of users.


To be able to support users most effectively and help users have the best experience, aTimeLogger has designed a simple but beautiful interface. The features in the application are clearly arranged with a neat layout, giving users the most intuitive interface.


With the options available in aTimeLogger, you can easily keep track of every activity of the day. Alternatively, you can choose some icons to represent your activities and give them names and add time to them so you can track their progress automatically from Locale or Tasker. At the same time, you can record your daily activities manually and can stop or resume whenever you want. You then group certain activities into different groups that are easier to manage.

aTimeLogger – Time Tracker aTimeLogger – Time Tracker aTimeLogger – Time Tracker


In addition to tracking your daily activities, you can also create certain goals for each activity so that you stay motivated to accomplish them. This will help users boost morale and reduce the total amount of time required for activities. Or you can set time goals for daily activities. By completing the set goals, you can strive even harder in the following months.


– The purpose of the application is to help users fully record the activities during the day at a specific time.
– Record the time of all activities and optimize your schedule, making it easier for you to control.
– Simple and accessible user interface: provide an intuitive interface for users to easily navigate the features in the application.
– Track your entire day’s activities: record time automatically for users to easily track. Then statistics and analysis into specific diagrams.
– Create goals of activities so that you are motivated to complete and motivate yourself to strive with intuitive statistics with detailed data.

aTimeLogger v1.7.41 APK + MOD (Unlocked) Download

Download (14M)

Download (14M)

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