Download Attack on Tank v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Attack on Tank offers realistic battles with tanks from World War 2. You will use your power to take down powerful enemies and beware of many types of attacks and traps in the game.

Attack on Tank is a game where you will participate in different battles with various designs and powers tanks. You will be able to experience their impressive powers and take down enemies and teammates. At the same time, the game also offers a variety of attack types, from air attacks to traps with mines to destroy tanks.

Attack on Tank – World War 2

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In the new version of Attack on Tank, players will be able to find many interesting new weapons that you can’t miss, such as the SU-76i and the 8.8 cm Flak 18. For Flak 18, players will find the power of a cannon with a completely multi-purpose task that is anti-aircraft and anti-tank functions. It will bring realism to the player, and of course, it will combine with the weapons you have to complete the level and take down the enemy.

The second weapon that anyone will be interested in is the SU-76i tank equipped with anti-tank weapons manufactured by the Soviet Union in 1943. Of course, curious players will want to experience the experience. They try out what this battle tank can do by learning its stats and equipped weapons.

Attack on Tank – World War 2


In Attack on Tank, players will participate in different missions and fight enemies of different strengths with what they have. Specifically, you will control your tank and move inside the large environment with great care. You can choose the viewing angle depending on the right experience for you. Specifically, you can have precise, sweeping views from a third-person perspective and precise aim with a realistic first-person feel.

You can go with other teammates on some levels, and you will use the equipment you have to observe and identify enemies. The damage level of the tank is reflected on the right side of the screen in different colors, and the stable color is green. At the same time, you will adjust the shooting angle to attack the enemies you have identified. Of course, there will always be enemy traps that you need to overcome.

Attack on Tank – World War 2

Besides the enemies you see on the ground always trying to attack you, you also find dangerous enemies and weapons. It could be planes that can perform aerial attacks, and of course, you should be careful when the enemy has these weapons. At the same time, the mechanism of placing anti-tank mines is not too rare. Therefore, in battle, observation and reasonable attack tactics are something that you cannot ignore.


If you are a history buff, you will surely not be able to ignore the tanks that appear in Attack on Tank. Some of the tanks of the countries participating in the second world war will be reproduced in the most accurate way for you to experience. They have their characteristics of stats and different weapons that you need to know. Of course, most of them will be locked, so you can use the resources you have and unlock them.

Attack on Tank – World War 2

The battles are brought to players completely authentic:

  • You will control a fully armed tank and engage in fierce missions to destroy the enemies.
  • Players can customize the perspective they feel is suitable depending on the situation: first person or third person.
  • You need to be careful of powerful weapons combined with diverse attacks from the air to anti-tank mines.
  • Many tanks are entirely different from the countries participating in World War 2, and you will use the resources to unlock them.
  • In the new version, players will be introduced to two new weapons, and they possess effective anti-tank features.

Attack on Tank v3.7.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (90M)

Download (90M)

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