Download Awaken: Chaos Era v1.4.10 MOD APK (Weak Enemy)

Awaken: Chaos Era Mod APK offers turn-based battles to take on multiple opponents in different modes. A beautiful world, a unique skill system, and powerful heroes await you.

Awaken: Chaos Era urges players to explore a world on the verge of destruction where players will play the role of a hero and form a powerful squad of their own. They will travel through various locations, explore the storyline, and experience challenging PVE and PVP modes. At the same time, the number of characters is completely diverse, with different potentials that you can exploit.

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Awaken: Chaos Era


In Awaken: Chaos Era, players will control the character to fight against enemies and face Dragon Lord Agulis. Finally, you also know the world’s situation after this battle and begin the process of discovery and become a hero to save the world. You will go with different teammates and face dangers that are always lurking. Surely, your strength will continuously increase over time as new teammates join the team.

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Players will experience turn-based combat gameplay that they can easily access as the mechanics require a tactical skill. You will control a team of four characters and face opponents with different strengths. At the same time, each character has a specific index and skill system that you will need to know to use properly. Surely, this is a battle of strength where the winners will be the stronger.

Awaken: Chaos Era


Once you’ve completed the Awaken: Chaos Era tutorial, you’ll have yourself a starter character and journey on your way to discovering what’s going on in this world. At the same time, the number of enemies and their strength will continuously increase and make you feel challenged. During each match, you will see a bar where the character icons constantly move to the right and indicate the attack order of each character.

As mentioned above, each character has a skill system that players will need to know well to use properly. At the same time, some types of skills will have large-scale or single-target destructive power for players to consider carefully. In addition, ultimate skills will often be the most characteristic skills of a character, and it is certainly possible that you can find impressive cutscenes. Surely any player will not be able to miss.

Awaken: Chaos Era


In the title Awaken: Chaos Era, players will be able to increase their power in different modes, and the first mode that should be mentioned is the PVE mode. Players will learn about the plot of the game and certainly, will be able to receive rewards such as resources and equipment after each match. So, this can be seen as the first challenge they will face, and they will need to increase the strength of their teammates.

Your enemies are not only monsters in the game’s story system but also other opponents you find in PVP. These opponents will often have specific preparations, and strength sometimes will be superior to the enemies you have ever faced. Therefore, you will need to have a strong, reasonable squad to confront them in many different rounds. Undoubtedly, the demand for hero summoning will continue to increase over time.


Players will find normal summons and advanced summons in Awaken: Chaos Era, and they’ll bring you odds and heroes of varying rarity. Also, in some cases, some heroes are rate-up so you can more easily summon them. Each hero has levels and skills that you will upgrade to get more effective from them. At the same time, breaking the star limit is also a way to improve the strength of each character.

Awaken: Chaos Era

Players will be impressed with the disastrous world that this game brings:

  • The graphics that players find in the game are stunning, and they won’t be able to take their eyes off them as they explore the in-game plot.
  • Diverse skill systems and players will find powerful ultimate skills to destroy enemies and come with beautiful cutscenes.
  • Players can participate in PVE levels to explore the story or challenge themselves in PVP battles with many rounds.
  • The characters can be found mostly through the summoning mechanism, and a high-quality character will appear if you’re lucky.
  • Players can quickly increase their character’s level, improve their skills, and break the limit on their stars.

Awaken: Chaos Era v1.4.10 MOD APK (Weak Enemy) Download

Download (1.2G)

Download (1.2G)

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