Download Bad 2 Bad: Extinction v3.0.5 MOD APK (Menu, Money, One Hit)

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction is a role-playing game with a series of exciting battles that will lead you to many dramatic moments. Players will control a squad of their own to attack and defeat terrorist organizations.

If you love engaging action role-playing games, this game will lead you to fascinating things. Following the success of the previous part, this return of mighty warriors will be more powerful with doubled power and always ready to deal with all enemies. However, an interesting thing is that you will be in the form of an animal and fight in a world with many mysteries waiting for you to discover.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction

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Bad 2 Bad: Extinction contains dramatic combat situations, so you need to be prepared to be able to participate in every fight. The game is set up with attractive gameplay and leads players to interesting spaces. Starting in the game, you will become one of the warriors disguised as animals and at the same time begin a series of tough tasks and contain a series of challenges that are not simple.

You will be given different tasks through each level, but first, you need to prepare yourself as a fighting force, fully equipped with the necessary skills and strength to be able to confront dangerous enemies. You can also fight alone, but you will confront the terrifying Al-Qatala organization in the game, so your companions will support you a lot. Those friends can be crocodiles, tigers, pandas, black panthers, or more, but they all work and fight like real people.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction


The game will take you to many different challenges, so avoid encountering any bad cases. The gameplay will not be too difficult to control, so you just have to role-play the character and move according to the instructions displayed on the screen. The game will require you to perform tasks through each level, along with which players need to equip the necessary skills to cope when participating in combat.

Everything here is not easy to conquer, so you must always try. Besides, the enemies will, in turn, enter this land and create sweeps to destroy this place. You will face 5 different forces, including (WD), Purebloods (PB), Underdogs (UD), Amazone (AZ), and Tailless Legion (TL); each force will contain many stories interesting with their birth.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction


Players will not be able to stop once started and remember that even a minute of neglect can lead to snakes and enemies. They will always stalk and find ways to attack you, so don’t be subjective because the fate of this land is up to you to decide. Besides, after the attacks, the people here will panic and hide everywhere, and they need your help.

You can find them behind doors or scan around the houses, then take them to safety. You are a great hope, so please protect the security of this place and complete the assigned tasks well and accompany new friends to rescue the land.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction


The challenges will not be easy to do, so you need to practice fighting skills because no one can be perfect in the survival arena. You need to combine smart moves, dodge enemies when cornered, and call on teammates for support when constantly attacked. Besides, the enemy will always appear everywhere to cause confusion for you.

So always be on the lookout and observe carefully, along with upgrading the combat force when hunting them. In addition, the game will provide you with a diverse weapon system for you to fight or create signature weapons by looking for blacksmiths easily. In addition, players can also freely adjust the character with 20 different styles and characteristics.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction


  • Role-playing with a new and super attractive theme unique to this game, players will become one of the most powerful warriors of the land, but you will fight in the form of beasts
  • Built with dramatic action gameplay accompanied by exciting battles, this is part 2 also a return of unique and mysterious stories, so join to discover and destroy enemies
  • Confront a series of challenges when fighting directly with five different forces and bringing stories of birth, but it is not easy to deal with them, so be careful
  • The sweep will make the people in this land feel bewildered, so your task is to find and protect them from danger; fight hard when you have mastered the skills
  • New challenges and goals will increase with each level, so you need to practice agility when fighting. In addition, players can use their weapons and adjust the character as they like.

Bad 2 Bad: Extinction v3.0.5 MOD APK (Menu, Money, One Hit) Download

Download (95M)

Download (95M)

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