Download Battery HD Pro v1.98.20 APK (Paid)

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Battery HD Pro v1.98.20 APK (Paid)

Battery HD Pro helps you calculate the amount of time left that you can use to perform a specific action on the device. Users can get information about battery usage.

Battery HD Pro is useful to users when they can know information about battery usage with different activities. They will select the main activities to display the information each time they access the application and observe information related to usage and consumption in the device. In addition, users can adjust some factors, such as display capacity color.

Battery HD Pro Battery HD Pro


The main feature of Battery HD Pro provides you with data regarding your device’s battery and what activities can be performed. At the same time, users can also estimate the remaining time if they use the device by a specific action. So you’ll be able to choose the right entertainment until your next charge, and sure enough, you’ll be able to take advantage of the features this app offers.

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When you access Battery HD Pro, you will see information appear at the bottom of the battery showing different capacities and colors. These data relate to the activities that can be done with the device and the corresponding hours remaining, and these are the activities that the user frequently performs. Also, the activities can be changed depending on your needs, and the app offers you a list that you can customize.

Battery HD Pro Battery HD Pro


When you use Battery HD Pro to manage your device’s power usage, one thing worth noting is the number of graphs you can refer to. These graphs record your usage with different display colors, which will be useful metrics for you. At the same time, you also know which apps can consume a lot of your device’s power, and if you don’t use them, you should delete them immediately.


In this application, users can find some useful features to use the device’s energy more optimally than before. At the same time, you can also access the app’s throttling feature that tweaks things like the color of the battery display. You will have many suitable options for this, and you will have a specific preference for changing colors and the user experience. It is an application that you should not miss.

Battery HD Pro Battery HD Pro

Users will be utterly impressed with the features that the application brings:

  • Users will access the application and know the estimated time to be able to use the device with different activities.
  • This information can be adjusted when the user selects four activities that the user frequently uses so that the application is regularly updated.
  • The list of activities is fully listed and allows the user to customize and change according to a specific time and frequency of use.
  • Users should pay attention to the graphs that show information about the device’s energy consumption when accessing the application.
  • Besides the power management features, users can ultimately find interesting adjustment features such as display capacity color.

Battery HD Pro v1.98.20 APK (Paid) Download

Download (18M)

Download (18M)

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