Download Beauty Race! v1.82 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Beauty Race! Mod APK brings players the exciting experience of performing catwalks and traversing multiple environments with characteristics. These features match the outfit you’re wearing.

Beauty Race! Allows you to control a model with a beautiful appearance to walk to the finish line and bypass the opponent. The player’s path is uneven, and they will need to change the appearance of the character’s costume to facilitate moving to the finish line. At the same time, players completing the level will help unlock new costumes and give impressive looks to the character they control.

Beauty Race! Beauty Race!

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In Beauty Race!, players will control a character with a beautiful appearance and impressive catwalk skills. You will be the one to ensure these character catwalks accurately and quickly finish before the opponent next door. At the same time, in moving, players will realize that the path that the character moves is not at all simple but needs to change costumes to adapt to them constantly.

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The character will automatically move, and the player will see some of the offers this game has to offer when the level starts. Three outfits possess different properties, such as going to events, jogging, or walking through slippery roads. So when you see a change in the environment in the game, you need to change the outfit immediately. Changing the costume will help you move more conveniently in the game, and if you don’t do it, you will have difficulty and be overtaken by your opponent.

Beauty Race! Beauty Race!


A highlight in Beauty Race! is you will try to be the winner, and this victory is possible if you pay attention to the environment and the character. The two characters move at the same speed, and the factor that makes one side stand out is knowing how to change costumes appropriately. So you will try to complete the level, and each level will allow you to unlock a part of the outfit in the game.

The costumes in this game are impressive and make the character more beautiful. At the same time, each level gives you a certain amount of money to use, and you can flip through this list of skins to buy the ones you want. You’ll see the character’s looks change constantly, and of course, the increasing number of skins makes it possible to find new outfits that can be worn on the catwalk.

Beauty Race!

Players will help the character win against the opponent when catwalk:

  • When the game screen begins, the player will see two characters moving parallel to each other, and their goal is to the catwalk to the finish line before the opponent.
  • The path in the game is not flat but has different characteristics and corresponds to each type of outfit provided from the beginning.
  • Players will choose a suitable outfit so that the character can move most conveniently, which affects the screen’s speed and winning rate.
  • Each level helps the player unlock a part of the outfit, and over time, the player can have more choices and unlock the ones they like.
  • Skins that increase over time will help the character’s appearance change, and of course, the costumes in the levels will change.

Beauty Race! v1.82 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (165M)

Download (165M)

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