Download Better File Cleaner v1.0.36.02 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked)

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Better File Cleaner v1.0.36.02 APK + MOD (VIP Unlocked)

Better File Cleaner has cleaning features that are easy to use by many people as they can affect many aspects of the device. Junk files, unused applications, or large files can be shown and deleted quickly.

Better File Cleaner is an application with a powerful cleaning feature to free up more memory inside your device. There are many possible causes of memory fullness, and the application will provide the corresponding solutions for you. At the same time, the friendly interface and compact configuration make it suitable for various devices.

File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space


In Better File Cleaner, users will find various features that make it easy to keep track of how much space you’re currently using. From there, it is possible to find unnecessary things to delete and free up a certain amount of space. The application’s features are entirely relevant and accessible for users to access through the friendly interface it owns. So you will gradually discover what features this app possesses.

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The first file types that Better File Cleaner can interfere with are junk files, small files, and many other types of files that you overlooked before. Over time, the number of them appearing on your device increases and takes up some space. So you need to take a little time to delete these types of files. The application can also clear the cache and some unloading work of some applications if the user does not need it.

File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space


Besides deleting unnecessary files, you also find the ability to delete large files in Better File Cleaner. Specifically, you will have access to a list that the application brings to you, and you can find them by some filter criteria of size, date, and many other criteria. You can delete old files that you don’t use to free up most of your device’s space. So this is a job that should be regularly done not to leave out any unnecessary things.


You get a large list of files in Better File Cleaner, which is not all, as there are several other file types in different folders in the device. So you will come to the third feature, the file explorer, where you can learn many aspects in the folder of your device. You will be able to find the things you need easily, and of course, you will locate the unnecessary things, and then you will find a way to delete them.


One of the reasons your space is reduced is application files that you ignore. Some applications have not been used for a long time but continue to appear without users deleting them. So you will be able to find a list of uninstallable apps on your device, and sure enough, you will have an overview to decide to clean these apps.

File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space File Cleaner, Junk Clean – Free up Storage Space


This application is suitable for many different devices because the required configuration is not too high. At the same time, a strong point that it possesses is the capacity it contains that is completely modest, and any device can hold it.

Useful cleaning features to help you free up space on your device quickly, such as:

  • You can access the easy-to-use interface of the application and find various file deletion features.
  • Small, junk files are scattered throughout the device, and cache files will be found and deleted in just a few seconds.
  • Large files can be shown to your eyes as a list filtered by criteria for you to consider deleting them.
  • You can find different aspects inside your device’s folders and delete the ones you don’t need.
  • Apps can be rearranged as you keep only the ones you often use to free up space in memory.

Better File Cleaner v1.0.36.02 MOD APK (VIP Unlocked) Download

Download (6.5M)

Download (6.5M)

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