Download Beyond the Chiron Gate v1.1.2 APK (Full Game, Patched)

This is how you play the roguelike game, which is all done through text. Players going through the Chiron Gate will feel like they are traveling through space. Explore an endless universe of strange planets, alien races, and artifacts from lost civilizations. In this mission, you’ll be asked to help a group of space explorers upgrades their ship by giving it the latest technology. To find out how to get to the mysterious Gatebuilders’ home system, you’ll have to go to some dangerous places and risk your life.

We have progressed quite a ways into the 21st century at this point. The spacecraft that the Global Astronomical Society operates has witnessed several unexplainable phenomena. It would appear that the asteroid 2060 Chiron is to blame for these phenomena. A team conducting an additional study in the same location uncovered a work of art buried beneath the surface of the asteroid for the previous million years. It’s a bizarre ring composed of some material that can warp space-time and defy gravity. Through gate travel, it is possible to go to any location in the cosmos…

Each of the planets whose existence we are aware of possesses a unique set of features. It is impossible to enumerate all of the solar systems with planets in the cosmos. The mere thought of some of these universes makes a person feel sick to their stomach. These worlds are truly terrifying. In this text-based space adventure game, your objective is to explore the galaxy in quest of long-lost civilizations, alien life forms, and worlds located in the remote reaches of the galaxy. Your team’s mission is to assist space travelers so that they can outfit their vessels with cutting-edge equipment. In order to figure out how to get to the enigmatic Gatebuilders’ home system, you are going to have to put your life in peril by traveling to deadly worlds. For you to achieve your objective, you will need to put yourself in potentially harmful situations.

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Beyond the Chiron Gate v1.1.2 APK (Full Game, Patched) Download

Download (80M)

Download (80M)

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