Download Blade Girl: Idle RPG v2.0.19 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mod, Mana)

Blade Girl Mod APK opens many exciting battles against mighty monsters for you to receive valuable rewards.

Players experience new and exciting feelings. You are allowed to summon saints to help the heroes in battle. The game offers a series of challenges and difficulties to challenge your ability to play. Players are spoiled for choice with innovative and novel gameplay and enjoy great fighting moments. At the same time, you can also reduce the pressure and fatigue in life more.

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Blade Girl: Idle RPG


Coming to Blade Girl, players get to use the rights of a saint and use them to defeat monsters. You are allowed to help the heroes make it easier for them to fight and win. The monsters will be captured more quickly and save the player’s time. Saints have been summoned to help their heroes. The saints bring a unique power, so your heroes are also flexible in receiving a lot of new energy and fighting skills. That helps them make full use of the energies that the saints bring.

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Blade Girl: Idle RPG


When participating in this game, you will receive many different heroes. Each hero is trained and trained by you to become stronger and stronger. Besides, those heroes also receive help from various saints. Rely on the items along with the weapons you collect to be able to level up your heroes. The heroes get stronger and more vital to help you defeat the monsters faster.

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


Players are involved in many dramatic and bloody matches. Players must flexibly coordinate actions to be able to defeat the enemy most easily. After completing the task, you will receive many attractive rewards along with a substantial cumulative score. That makes it easier for you to rise to the top of the rankings.

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


  • Be allowed to use the saints’ powers, control, and support your heroes to fight better.
  • Enhance weapons and combat skills for your hero to bring the best battles and win many victories.
  • Defeat enemies quickly with the help of saints and climb to new heights in the rankings.
  • Get a lot of attractive and exciting rewards, especially even if you don’t access the game; you also get a lot of accumulated points and experience rewards.
  • The gameplay is rich and varied depending on how each person plays and at the same time opens up in front of the player an excellent interface with unique and eye-catching graphics.

Blade Girl: Idle RPG v2.0.19 MOD APK (One Hit, God Mod, Mana) Download

Download (105M)

Download (105M)

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