Download Blocky Castle: Tower Climb v1.16.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

When you set foot in this world, you will have the opportunity to own lovely animals on the journey to conquer the castle. In Blocky Castle, you can admire and move on the castles that are known as the most dangerous in the world. With just a little carelessness, you can free-fall from above and end your life in an instant. Not only that, obstacles do not hesitate to rush straight into you or harm the way you are going, be very careful.

Blocky Castle: Tower Climb Blocky Castle: Tower Climb


You can choose from different animals in the collection to accompany you. Besides the already available animals designed by us, the special thing is that you can also draw your own lovely animals. It is also possible to become the main character in this highest castle adventure with extremely innocent and squiggly drawings.


Confronting you is not a zombie or a scary ninja but just a small obstacle but cannot be ignored. It can be said that you are challenging yourself by running, jumping, and even climbing dangerous and savage steps with spirals in a magnificent maze. Around it is underground traps waiting for you to come knocking. Do you have enough experience and insight to avoid it?

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Blocky Castle sends various obstacles to harm you. Not to mention the sharp thorns that make you cry out in pain when you encounter them. Not only that, the roller is ready to crush you on the road without waiting for anyone’s orders. Not stopping there, the fire trap is waiting for you to come to burn your legs as quickly as possible. Or there are even unexpected bomb craters right in the middle of the stairs.


Players carry a special weapon that can knock down obstacles. Glue guns will be the name mentioned at this time when with just a touch of a button, you can use them to destroy enemies within a note. Not only that, many other perks and useful tools are still scattered along the way. Blocky Castle allows you to collect it to unlock an easier path to prosperity. In addition, you can also collect coins everywhere, and the remarkable thing is the appearance of ghosts. It is the experience of your past mistakes.

Blocky Castle: Tower Climb Blocky Castle: Tower Climb


  • The task of climbing the ladder as high as possible.
  • Transform into the role of the cutest animals on the planet,
  • Use a glue gun to destroy quickly.
  • Obstacles are your enemies along the way.
  • Take part in challenge mode or try a time or even race.

Blocky Castle: Tower Climb v1.16.13 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (48M)

Download (48M)

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