Download Blocky Farm v1.2.92 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Blocky Farm Mod APK requires players to manage and develop the farm in the block world from old buildings. Players will be able to unlock new things, collect products and earn money to expand the farm.

Blocky Farm is a farm game set in a block world, and players will find ways to scale up the farm. The mechanics of the game are unchallenging for the player, and they can perform many activities of harvesting and taking care of the animals on the farm. At the same time, new buildings will appear to help players access different products and fulfill customer requests. Cute pets are also waiting for you.

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Blocky Farm


Players will go to a farm located in the block world of Blocky Farm, so it gives the first impression to the player. At the same time, the player does not take time to know what to do with the farm, and this farm already has essential buildings. So you will continue to add new elements to make this farm more impressive, and especially, it will help you earn a lot of money in different ways.

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Players will observe all elements from a top-down perspective, and this is a typical perspective for farm games when they can manage as many things as they want. At the same time, the world in this game is also large and allows players to shrink or enlarge as they like. In addition, the first job that the player does in this game is that the player will repair the existing buildings so that they return to their original state.

Blocky Farm Blocky Farm


After you have repaired the buildings in Blocky Farm, you will need to start managing your farm. Players will be able to harvest existing wheat fields and continue to grow new batches of wheat and, of course, wheat that can be used in many different ways. At the same time, the player also sees a large gift on the farm, and when opened, it helps create food for the poultry and livestock on the farm.

Through caring activities, players will quickly gain experience and reach a new level and unlock buildings with different uses. Specifically, the player can build a chicken coop and raise chickens to collect eggs from them. The condition for them to be able to create these products is that you need to provide them with enough food, and from there, the harvesting and production are always linked.

When producing and collecting agricultural products, the player should not ignore the request board near the truck in the game. These requests usually require an item to be provided, and sure enough, the player can see the reward after completing the request. So this is one of the mechanisms to make money from the farm, and over time, new requirements will appear and require players to diversify the farm’s products.

Blocky Farm Blocky Farm


An interesting point when players experience Blocky Farm is that players can take care of the pets that they unlock. These pets also have health and mood stats that players are forced to care about in this game. At the same time, health requires the player to provide them with food, and one of the foods can be purchased at the pet store. In addition, you can also play with them to improve their mood.

If you are playing with a dog, you will see that they are holding a log, and your job is to throw it to a certain distance. From there, it will follow, and you can watch its mood completely change through the status bar. You can find some treasure chests, and if you are lucky, you can unlock some items, and these items are not for the character but your pets.

Players will not take their eyes off the exciting experiences on the farm created from blocks:

  • Players will take over a farm with old elements that can be repaired and perform operations to harvest and keep the farm running.
  • New buildings will be unlocked with different features, and each process in the game gives the player experience points.
  • Players can level up and unlock valuable buildings in the game to diversify the products they can collect and satisfy customer requests.
  • Players will be able to raise cute-looking pets, provide food and play with them to ensure their well-being.
  • In some cases, players can find treasure chests to unlock items and give them to cute pets to change their appearance.

Blocky Farm v1.2.92 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) Download

Download (105M)

Download (105M)

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