Download Bloons TD Battles v6.17.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Medallions)

Bloons TD Battles offers a tower defense experience as you control a legion of monkeys to fend off waves of balloons in a PVP match. With the strategies that they have, the players will become the ultimate winner.

Players will experience completely accessible gameplay when facing other players in a tower defense match of Bloons TD Battles. They will use what they have to become the last survivor and create strategies through the towers they own. In addition, some exciting mechanics will also be introduced to you.

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Bloons TD Battles


When you experience Bloons TD Battles, you will find a typical tower defense gameplay; you will have yourself monkeys possessing awe-inspiring skills to attack the balloons that will appear. But an interesting point that you will realize is that your opponent is not only balloons that are constantly moving but also another player who is always trying to bring your HP back to zero. It can be said that this is a PVP match where whoever can last the longest will be the winner.

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Players will enter a map where you will quickly see the path the balloons will move in a completely accurate way. So you will be the one to decide where to place your towers and try to keep your health from being drained unless a balloon enters. At the same time, the field will be divided into two, and you will see the environment in the game in a comprehensive way. So you will be able to conveniently use your tower and take advantage of the tactics to win the opponent.

Bloons TD Battles


When you start the battle in Bloons TD Battles, you will be forced to choose four types of towers that you often use, and this is also the time when you will choose the strategy that you feel is suitable. After that, you will see the screen and start placing the towers you want to the one that can destroy the most balloons. You can also conveniently create formations of towers to prevent the level of attack of your opponents.

There will be many factors that players will need to face when experiencing the game. The first factor is that you will encounter colorful balloons. Specifically, the balloons will often gather and travel together in an unpredictable number. Their level of resistance to towers will also increase depending on the color. For example, you will be able to face balloons that have the properties of iron and are difficult to destroy by monkeys using darts.

The next mechanism introduced to you at the tutorial level will release colorful balloons. The meaning of this drop is that you can increase the amount of money you can earn because each time you destroy a balloon, the amount of money you have will increase to strengthen your defensive squad. At the same time, you can also annoy with the released balloons your opponent and reduce their HP to win the level.

Bloons TD Battles


In Bloons TD Battles, players will find varying difficulty levels when challenging other players. You will continue to increase your strength by diversifying the number of towers you can use. At the same time, in battle, you also need to understand the characteristics and capabilities of each monkey to choose the right upgrade path for them. That will make it easier for you to deal with enemies.

The tower defense experience of the game possesses many points that you cannot ignore:

  • Tower defense gameplay with unique monkey-shaped towers to confront a wave of balloons and create competition with other players.
  • New environment that players will be able to participate in and choose the right location to place the monkeys to attack the balloons effectively.
  • The number of entirely diverse towers suitable for different balloons will appear over time, distinguished by color.
  • The ability to upgrade for diverse towers requires players to clearly understand what they own and the tactics they decide.
  • The mechanism of using balloons to increase the amount of money and make it difficult for the opponent is entirely new for players to take advantage of.

Bloons TD Battles v6.17.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Medallions) Download

Download (101M)

Download (101M)

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