Download Blue Oath v1.4.90 MOD APK (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Fast Fire, Damage)

Blue Oath-Blue Oath brings you to the world of beautiful princesses. They are the rulers of the majestic kingdom and the ones who have the strength to withstand all opponents.

Have you ever thought that a princess can fight all enemies? If you do not believe, come to Blue Oath-Blue Oath to experience the lies. Here you will be playing the role of any princess, and you must have enough strength and ability to take over this magical land. Indeed you will find it challenging to do it alone, but rest assured because the game will also allow you to be combined with other princesses. Let the wars come to an end and win strong.

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蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース


You must become a princess with enough strength and talent to take over this golden land. Your task now is to explore new lands and find valuable resources. With your ability, you can defeat all enemies, but you also need to come up with specific strategies. These strategies will be the baggage to lead you to victory and bring glory to your own land.

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蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース


On the way to explore as well as explore, you will meet a lot of great enemies. Maybe it’s the people who stand in your way, or maybe it’s the aggressive monsters that want to attack you. It is challenging if you are alone but rests assured because you and your sisters can fight them. Use hypnotic magic to make them gentler to lure them to the traps you have created. Moreover, it would help if you also used weapons to conquer those monsters.

蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース


There will be many valuable items on the land you are exploring. These items will make your treasure richer than ever. The items can be gold, silver, pearls, or specific weapon upgrade cards. New lands are opened, and you need to conquer them before others come to take them. After the battles, you also bring back valuable gifts for yourself.

蒼藍の誓い – ブルーオース


  • Choose any princess and proceed to role-play to perform the assigned action in this game.
  • Combine strength with your friends to fight the enemy together.
  • Use the power you have and use magic to conquer large monsters.
  • Give strategies to protect the golden land and from there exploit this land’s valuable items.
  • Become a princess with enough abilities and power to take over new lands.

Blue Oath v1.4.90 MOD APK (Menu/Dumb Enemy, Fast Fire, Damage) Download

Download (911M)

Download (911M)

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