Download Bomber Friends v4.69 MOD APK (Dumb Enemies, Season Pass, Menu)

Grab a APK MOD of Bomber Friends right now and dive into the frantic and entertaining online multiplayer game!

Bomber Friends is a game that brings a lot of intimacy when you can re-experience the gameplay of bombing and confronting your enemies. You will have easy access to the gameplay and the way the character moves to place the bombs in the correct position. At the same time, your opponents will be utterly diverse as monsters or skilled players. Therefore, this is a game that can effectively entertain.

Bomber Friends

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Konami’s Bomber Mans is sometimes associated with many people’s childhood, so they can find familiar feelings when experiencing Bomber Friends. Your job is straightforward: you will place the bomb in a specific location and wait until it explodes. At the same time, you can also face certain enemies with the bombs you put on the field and try to knock them down quickly. So anyone can find pleasure in experiencing it.

Bomber Friends

Players will move inside a 2D environment with brick-walled areas, and you will be able to use your bombs to destroy them as desired. At the same time, of course, you will not let your bombs affect the character. In addition, there will always be enemies that you will need to take down, and they will constantly move to approach and attack you. You will be able to move dynamically in the environment with the joystick and bomb buttons to create accurate and reasonable explosions.

Bomber Friends


In Bomber Friends, players will participate in many different matches such as campaign, tournament, and multiplayer. Each mode offers a new challenge and changing opponents that you will need to adapt to. Specifically, you will find many missions in the campaign where your goal is to find a way to get to the next area. Keys will be scattered inside the stone walls that you will need to use bombs to destroy.

Bomber Friends

You will need to pay attention to the character’s stats located on the left side of the screen. Specifically, you will be able to find health, attack, movement, and other stats. Each enemy that attacks you will cause you to lose a unit of health, and you also know the consequences when your health returns to zero. At the same time, the environment will have some factors that help boost your strength, such as the number of bombs you can place, the damage you can deal or even the movement speed.

Bomber Friends


Besides the campaign modes, you can also participate in other game modes where players find thoroughly skilled players. For multiplayer mode, your goal is to take down opponents, and their tactics and movements are also completely more careful than the monsters in the campaign. You can also participate in tournaments and go through many qualifiers to reach the final victory.

When you experience Bomber Friends, you will certainly not be able to ignore the factors that increase the strength of the character. Besides the temporary powerups, powerup cards and crystals are also helpful. Powerup cards will be found in chests, and they have a skill that you can consider upgrading. As for crystals, you will be able to use them to increase the character’s base stats.


  • 2-8 people may compete in online multiplayer games! Organize a competition with your friends or play against random opponents.
  • Clans may be formed or joined, and players can interact with one another.
  • Challenge your friends in the virtual arenas to reach new heights and discover new and unique explosives, powerups, and outfits! The player who performs the best as a bomber man or woman earns the most in-game medals.
  • Different types of unique explosives are used to annihilate the adversaries. Create your own combat deck by collecting the necessary items.
  • Collect powerups while keeping an eye out for nasty curses.
  • Gameplay in the classic Bomber style, but with controls that have been optimized for touchscreen use!
  • Single-player campaign mode with over 300 levels to go through is included! You’ll have to navigate your way through six distinct worlds filled with cunning enemies and mind-bending riddles.

Bomber Friends v4.69 MOD APK (Dumb Enemies, Season Pass, Menu) Download

Download (113M)

Download (113M)

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