Download Bonetale v1.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited XP, Unlocked)

Bonetale is an engaging, entertaining fighting game with a 2D perspective that is both simple and creates new features for players. The game is a product from Russia and is developed with an attractive theme accompanied by innovative gameplay.

Bonetale brings an extremely classic 2D pixel visual style that brings players back to the previous game style. However, the game has powerful improvements that allow players to get more quality experiences than just experiencing the usual classic features that the game has to offer. Participating in the game, players will play the role of a character made up of a skeleton with a mysterious space that brings new inspirations. In addition to the usual battle features, the game also gives you a lot of other great features.

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Modern game graphics always have strong design trends that highlight the sharp realism of the details for the game. Direct players to highly realistic games to improve game quality. However, the trend of 2D pixel graphics is gradually coming back strongly in recent times because of its own exciting features, such as being very easy to adapt to all device configurations and consuming less memory and device performance. In addition, 2D pixel images also give players a more realistic sense of entertainment when clearly distinguishing between reality and an entertaining game. It makes players able to improve their gameplay process because it does not have the same realistic elements as other games.

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Bonetale Fangame


The game gives you a completely mysterious theme when participating in the game. You won’t get to know much about the stories that appear in the game that appear in the first place. In front of you is a dark space with a skeleton character you control to fight a mysterious person. The game has a medieval space, and the constantly changing scenes during the battle will give you more inspired and complete gaming moments.


As simple as everything from the visuals to the story, the game also has a controller with simple operations that allows you to adapt quickly and get better acquainted with the game. This enhances the gameplay experience because it is very simple and makes it easier for players to practice skills when all operations are now easily familiar. This simple controller is also extremely comprehensive when you can use it to coordinate more actions together to create powerful and virtual skill chains to defeat your opponents. A simple game with simple gameplay must be a great thing for players who are looking for an action-oriented game for ultimate entertainment. This game completely meets the needs from the most basic to the more advanced requirements.

Bonetale Fangame


Participating in the battle process, you will own a powerful skill set with many different moves, from powerful damage skills based on energy rays to teleport skills. You will use this skillset properly to be able to defeat the enemy, and each skill has a feature with a different use for different purposes; you need to define how to take advantage of them clearly. In addition, you can also rely on these skills to find ways to combine them to create a series of powerful attacks that allow you to defeat enemies in a more virtual, more effective way.


The game gives you 10 different levels to be conquered step by step with your own ability. Each level will have increasing difficulty because the enemy will become stronger and have an increasingly unpredictable fighting style. To pass every level in the game, you need to train your skills better, make changes to improve your shortcomings and conquer every level step by step. Complete the 10 levels in front of you to complete all the challenges in the game and become the strongest.

Bonetale Fangame


  • Gentle-friendly images are suitable for all ages and well compatible with all devices.
  • The skillset includes many moves that can be combined to create powerful combos.
  • Many different levels have increasing difficulty, so you can conquer them step by step pass them all.
  • The game space has a medieval color that constantly changes in the match according to the battle’s progress.
  • In-game customization is made easy, allowing you to personalize your game in a better way.

Bonetale v1.5.2 MOD APK (Unlimited XP, Unlocked) Download

Download (84M)

Download (84M)

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