Download Brave Story – Magic Dungeon v1.4.3 MOD APK (God Mode, High Gold Drop)

Brave Story is a challenging survival and fighting story of a brave warrior. You will become them, resurrected in a new form, and take on a new role; many quests are waiting for you to perform.

Brave Story allows players to start a new life in magical lands as a hero. The lessons learned from the old war and the rewarding training activities will help you overcome this activity more efficiently. However, the notes for each piece of land, the sources of power transmitted from the witch mountain, and the laws of movement of the lands will provide you with many lessons. As a reincarnated hero, you will take on an essential role in finding the lost sword.

Brave Story – Magic Dungeon – Brave Story – Magic Dungeon –

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In order to give players the best space for the next experience in Brave Story, the system has continuously upgraded and released expected updated versions. First of all, the improvement in performance has helped you manage your actions and actions in the next series of tasks. Higher levels of equal difficulty have also been added. Players will discover a new land called Farther Island, which will contain creepy stories about sea monsters and challenges related to water. The built character will have the opportunity to change skin color and shape thanks to the updated activity.

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Player activities in Brave Story are done through the system, receiving the most straightforward commands by action. Your actions on the screen will be recorded and performed exactly what is required. When the player chooses a command, it will be executed in real-time as it happens. Just like that, the character will be able to control both movement and action with this mechanism. The basic moves to use weapons are also used commands to apply.

Players will have to be close to the enemy and use the sword to attack. Depending on your opponent’s position, you will have to move to ensure the distance between you and them. Live polls will be ideal conditions for you to determine their strength. The game is divided into different difficulty levels based on the level system. For the first games, you will only be able to fight enemies with little experience. Once used to the pace of the battle, players will officially feel the difficulty of this story.

Brave Story – Magic Dungeon – Brave Story – Magic Dungeon –


The battles that take place in Brave Story are made possible thanks to a combination of different factors such as specific weapons, strengths, and situations. The effects obtained when you use any sword are the source of symbolic power in the land you are standing on. Each piece of land will represent a new source of power, so your long journey will be more interesting if you go through many lands. Players need to collect different pieces to create their own magic sword. It will significantly impact the outcome of later confrontations; your conquest journey is also a lot easier.


Brave Story brings new experience content, a unique adventure story that will help you better understand the characteristics of each land. Traveling through many places and fighting different enemies will train you with a great skill set. Faced with challenges related to combat, survival, and defending your interests, vigorously receive and repel concentrated attacks. Many unexplored foreign lands are still waiting for you. We allow interface adjustments such as image enhancement, volume reduction, and performance improvement. You can experience more fun and smoothness in this modern space!

Brave Story – Magic Dungeon –


  • Players are provided with a unique space where you see everything from a third-person perspective and experience the story most interestingly through specific commands displayed on the main screen.
  • Upgrade activities are promoted based on user comments from players. The system applies the most modern technical technologies to each image and movement appearing in the game.
  • Explore a new world through the application of commands to control the character, and you will unlock many different lands, learn the source of magic there and experience the story in a new place.
  • Go through the long-level system get many new levels on the update occasions; each level will bring an incredible story for you. Challenges and tasks will be attached to each level, the difficulty also increases.
  • The hero’s journey of rebirth begins as he uses his familiar sword’s special skills to fight and collect the missing pieces of the world’s most powerful sword.

Brave Story – Magic Dungeon v1.4.3 MOD APK (God Mode, High Gold Drop) Download

Download (153M)

Download (153M)

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