Download Brawlhalla v7.02.3 APK + OBB (Lasted Version)

Brawlhalla is an entirely free platform fighting game and allows eight players online in a match. Players will be participating in 50 legendary matches and counting with exciting challenges. The game will enable you to customize the room with your friends or view the ratings of the matches. Besides, the features are constantly updated regularly to bring players exciting experiences. Fight hard and bring glory to your team and rise to the top of the game’s leaderboard.



Brawlhalla will bring players to islands built floating in the clouds and participate in exciting battles. Players will use the navigation keys on the left side of the screen to control their character to move up and down. At the same time, you can change weapons flexibly with the weapon keys available in the right corner of the screen. If you are a new player, getting used to this new control system will take a while. Your task is to use your skills, such as attacks, weapons, or other support skills, to push your opponent into the abyss and gain points for your team.



The game will regularly update powerful heroes for players to change. Currently, the game has more than 50 heroes with unique stats and skills. In addition, each hero will own two separate weapons such as a bow, gun, sword, … or you can pick up weapons in the arena and equip them directly. With unique weapons and new skills, the generals will bring players exciting experiences.

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The game will not use a fixed battlefield setting but will provide players with various battlefield options. However, the scale and size of the battlefields will change dynamically to match the size and size that the player wants. Or players can leave the arena in random selection mode to avoid boredom.



This is a highly diverse game in terms of game modes, including online, offline, entertainment mode, and rank mode for players to have more attractive challenges. The online game mode includes four types, and all apply a scoring mechanism for who can defeat the most opponents. In the Rank game mode, there are two types, and if the player wins (kills many opponents), he will gain points and rank up in the game.


Brawlhalla v7.02.3 APK + OBB (Lasted Version) – Download for Android

Download (723M)

Download (723M)

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