Download Bubbu Restaurant v1.35 MOD APK (All Content Unlocked)

Bubbu Restaurant lets you become an intelligent cat that plays the role of a famous chef. Bubbu’s dishes will help diners make impressive meals and make great profits.

Bubbu Restaurant brings you to the world of delicious food and attractive drinks, and you will be able to make these dishes yourself. This is a game in the form of a special simulation; the player will be Bubbu and is a very influential person in the culinary world. Players will own a large chain of restaurants with many great culinary styles. Making delicious dishes serving diners is what you cherish and try to do every day.

Bubbu Restaurant – My Cat Game

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You have developed a famous restaurant chain, and that is the foundation of your extraordinary career. This game wants you to be able to exploit many dimensions of your own culinary art. In this, you have the task of managing the business activities of the famous restaurant chain and coming up with a reasonable business plan. Bubbu Restaurant always pushes you to develop in a modern direction so that people can know your restaurant more.

You have a natural talent that is a true chef profession. Players will have to come up with short-term and long-term plans to develop the restaurant chain strongly. Players will also provide a series of related machines to create attractive dishes. You must perform to the best of your ability and enjoy exciting life, always creating the best plans.

Bubbu Restaurant – My Cat Game


You are a true chef and famous for delicious food, so creativity is, of course, the top priority. Delicious food will keep your diners satisfied, and they will choose your restaurant first. The main point that restaurants want to take advantage of is changing the menu according to each theme to help customers enjoy delicious dishes. Delicious dishes are always skillfully created by you, which is the restaurant’s soul.

First, you have to challenge yourself by giving the main ingredient and developing that dish. Make at least three ingredients-related dishes to help develop a more diverse menu. You need to be able to change the taste depending on each dish to help more diverse ways of cooking. Players should also go to many different places to be able to collect more new recipes for themselves.

Bubbu Restaurant – My Cat Game


The game wants you to be able to add more than the necessary items to help create fantastic dishes. The machines will be upgraded and added to refresh our inventory. More specifically, Bubbu Restaurant always creates challenges for you to have the opportunity to collect more new machines. This machine is of great help to us and all other cooks.

It would help if you competed with friends to be able to draw more and more new lessons. Players can immediately use fresh and hygienic ingredients from Bubbu Restaurant’s raw material warehouse. Players should also offer a series of special promotions and gratitude to help customers know your restaurant more. The main interesting thing is that players also need to change the restaurant according to each theme and decoration to make your restaurant more prominent. Let’s create a massive revenue with the strong development of the restaurant.

Bubbu Restaurant – My Cat Game

Bubbu Restaurant allows you to show all your talents and culinary arts through this. The game will give you the most significant challenges you have to overcome to get the necessary items. The enormous chef competition will also allow you to use it to make the latest breakthroughs. You will manage all the income and expenditure of the restaurant chain yourself and be a famous chef around the world.


  • You can manage all large restaurant chains by yourself and develop the most specific business plans.
  • Create more new dishes and attractive drinks to be able to serve the needs of diners.
  • The most modern machines make the best-finished products are using fresh ingredients.
  • Meeting all the dining needs of diners, creating more new recipes to help the restaurant grow.
  • Expand more branches, and each branch will have more famous chefs to maintain an effective business.
  • Offer incentives to attract more diners to visit and add a variety of delicious dishes to the restaurant menu.

Bubbu Restaurant v1.35 MOD APK (All Content Unlocked) Download

Download (46M)

Download (46M)

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