Download Bulu Monster v9.4.1 MOD APK (Massive Rewards/Bulu Points)

Bulu Monster Mod APK gives players a real feeling when immersed in the story in the game. You will experience and discover new journeys in the land of Bulu.

As a role-playing game, you will become a leader when you train more than 150 monsters under your command. New adventures are waiting, and you will go through a lot of tough challenges. With wits and bravery, fight and become the best player.

Bulu Monster

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If you have ever played through the Pokemon game that has stormed the market, Bulu Monster will not be too strange to you. When starting to log in to play, you need to choose a character that suits your playstyle. After choosing, you need to look on the minimap and observe the enemy’s path. To win, you will have to conquer and become a great trainer so that the monsters you control can fight with more confidence.

The plot is adventurous; combining adventure journeys to explore new places, you will easily integrate into the world of funny monsters. It will not be too difficult for you to perform the gameplay and control your character. You will admire the exciting arena, where talents converge and confront you starting to play. Move your monsters to the arena and show your mettle when fighting your opponents.

Bulu Monster Bulu Monster


Like previous action games, Bulu Monster still has the same gameplay, but with this return, the manufacturer has added new improvements in gameplay and in-game context. The map of Bulu Monster is made for you to observe and design like real roads easily; the primary purpose is so that you do not feel confusing when moving and the target is in your field of vision. Choosing different directions is a way for you to distract the enemy.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet many different challenges. When starting a meeting, the server screen will automatically move to the combat area unexpectedly; even a moment of neglect can make you slower than the opponent. For that reason, always make sure you are in a state of readiness because the enemy is always lurking, waiting for the opportunity to overwhelm you.


In the process of experiencing Bulu Monster, you not only participate in the battle but also have to capture the balls called Capture Ball containing the monsters inside it. However, to be able to capture them, you will have to create powerful attacks that weaken them. It is also a way to help you train your reflexes faster when dealing with stubborn monsters.

Each monster has its own function, and the damage calculation increases with each level of play. At the beginning of the battle, the supplier will raise the monster’s strength and attack level. It is not easy to defeat them, so the critical factor for you to destroy them is thanks to your combat skills and agile manipulation.

Bulu Monster Bulu Monster


To increase the fun when playing Bulu Monster, you will receive rewards with conditions every day you log in to play. The publisher constantly updates the system of questions and tasks after each game screen so as not to be boring when you play the game. After completing each mission, you will continue to move through new doors and collect your gifts.

You may also visit the item shop to equip the right things for fights, such as new monsters, potions to boost abilities, and other precious stuff. You may also purchase uncommon monsters with high combat strength to assist you in defeating all adversaries. Bulu Monster is an excellent pick for anyone searching for an exciting action and adventure game.


  • Role-play and train monsters to become powerful to participate in the battle in the arena
  • Observe the map and move appropriately so as not to be approached and counterattack
  • Diverse system with a series of monster models that do not cause boredom
  • Receive rewards for completing quests and visiting character equipment shops
  • Beautiful graphics accompanied by a vivid sound promise not to disappoint you

Bulu Monster v9.4.1 MOD APK (Massive Rewards/Bulu Points) Download

Download (80M)

Download (80M)

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