Download Burger Bistro Story v1.3.9 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Points)

A management game with enjoyable gameplay and challenging mechanics that any player cannot ignore is Burger Bistro Story. You will try to operate your restaurant and try to satisfy the food needs of the customers. At the same time, there will always be innovative elements that players can try and bring new dishes to help your shop grow and earn more money.


In Burger Bistro Story, players will spend their time exploring an exciting but equally challenging role. You will play the role of a manager for a fast-food restaurant and try to attract more guests to appear and maintain the cash flow you receive in the game. At the same time, you have got yourself a base with an impressive and bright area in the process of playing. So your job is to add in the interior elements and add new employees.

The perspective of this game is still utterly similar to the management-themed games. You can see that the buying and selling process in your restaurant is going smoothly. At the same time, this observational process is also necessary as it helps you spot potential customers with an utterly mysterious appearance. It is the key to increasing the number of customers going to your restaurant. Therefore, it will be difficult for you to take your eyes off what this game gives you.

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Burger Bistro Story


As mentioned above, you try to make as much money as possible, and there are many ways you can do this. This game has a revenue system over time, and you will know how it changes to try to innovate elements from the food to the furniture in the game. At the same time, all features are done automatically; you need to look at the results and capture important factors like mystery customers and provide store-specific upgrades.

The mysterious customers did not have a specific appearance, such as wearing costumes and belonging to any age group, but they only had a uniform white appearance. At the same time, the face is always a question mark, so that the player cannot determine this type. Your job is straightforward: to provide the food that your store serves to help increase their satisfaction stat. When this stat reaches one hundred, the actual form will appear and be added to the client list.

Besides the above factor, when you satisfy these mysterious customers, you will receive a corresponding reward, and most of it will be money. You need to take care of three resources in this game: burger stats, heart stats, and money. At the same time, it can be affirmed that money is always a multifaceted element, and you want to develop something like research or adding furniture. In addition, when your customers or employees level up, you also receive a gift.

Burger Bistro Story


You will need to pay attention to when Burger Bistro Story is innovative in your management process, and innovation brings you many different benefits. This innovation often appears in research lists, and you will use your own money to buy it, and it will take a little time. At the same time, you need to implement these elements because you won’t get any concrete progress without upgrading them and are considered the key to you having more new things.

An example of this is the interior elements that you can buy during the game. But they don’t appear out of nowhere when you run your business. So you will need to do related research and wait until it completes. You will be able to buy furniture soon after with your money and fill in the blanks in the shop. In addition, the fact that you hire more employees is also a factor that needs to be researched.

Burger Bistro Story


As mentioned above, you will serve mysterious customers with your essential items, such as burgers, and the trading process also goes on continuously with two basic dishes. But one thing that you may realize is that you don’t sell these elements forever; it takes innovation in the formula. It is true for many different reasons, such as helping you attract more guests and meet the increasingly demanding needs of mysterious customers.

The strict requirement is shown by the second mystery customer’s food tasting, and when you give the food to them to try, the satisfaction stat doesn’t reach 100 immediately; you need to keep getting them to try another food. That will motivate you to create a dish with ingredients available in the kitchen. Specifically, there will be many slots, including the base of the burger and the remaining slots representing the ingredients that can be put in. You can open more spaces if the burger stat reaches 20.

Download Burger Bistro Story v1.3.9 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Points)

Download (37M)

Download (37M)

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