Download Burst Witch v1.503.5 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier, Unlimited Skill)

Burst Witch Mod APK is a beautiful mobile game with 2-way shooting mechanics.

Not only the level boss can launch complex patterns of barrage, but each witch also has a variety of gorgeous barrage, choose your favorite witch, feel the fun of fighting barrage with barrage in battle, and experience the extreme operation with one hand. of pleasure.

There are 6 basic barrages in the game, such as the light-burning system that uses beam attacks, and the blasting system that uses range explosions. Players can upgrade various basic barrages through the code system of the depth of the equipment, so that they can increase the number of bullets and improve the shooting ability. Various features such as speed, increased real damage, etc., let different types of barrage bloom gorgeous fireworks in a field of confrontation.

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The 3D dynamic scene, the witch dancing on the exquisitely designed battlefield, the interweaving of the barrage and the clouds on the top of the mountain, brings an unforgettable combat experience. Step into a gothic setting and compose an epic with exquisite storyline CG.

In the witch’s world, the player plays the role of the witch’s mentor, witnesses that the human city was destroyed by the divine court overnight, and receives a letter of prophecy that looks like the future, inexplicably becomes one of the protagonists of the story, and it seems that the key to changing the ending lies in the In the hands, in order to reverse the fate, the mentor led the witches through the abyss, the world, and directly to the divine court, constantly exploring the boundaries between good and evil, black and white. Elegy and weeping, Nightingale Forest, the ending is up to you.
And the bond between you and the witch is gradually deepening in battles…

Burst Witch v1.503.5 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier, Unlimited Skill) Download

Download (900M)

Download (900M)

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