Download Cartoon City 2 v3.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Cartoon City 2 Mod APK gives you an exciting experience with building yourself a city that you have dreamed of for a long time based on your design and decoration skills.

If you have a passion and love for construction and design, you will indeed like Cartoon City 2 farm town story. Players enjoy a lot of new and exciting things from the missions that this game brings. Not only that, but you can also own your own city and become its mayor. Players can build and decorate a beautiful city with their own intelligence and creative mind like stepping out of the picture. All business and livestock activities are growing and bringing you a high income.

Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home

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Coming to Cartoon city 2 farm town story, players are free to design and build many different types of houses. Houses with different designs and different styles were built one after another. Not only that, but players can also put a variety of striking colors on them. Besides, the game also allows you to build more urban areas, convenience stores, and huge supermarkets. Thanks to that, your city is increasingly rich and diverse in terms of infrastructure.

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Besides building buildings, players can also beautify the city of their dreams with flowery streets, amusement parks, and beautiful parks. You can plant flowers and various ornamental plants to make your city look more poetic. This city has just ensured the green-clean-beautiful criteria. Thanks to your talented hands, you have built the city you always dreamed of and managed everything in this city yourself. You bring a beautiful, poetic, and modern city to the people here.

Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home


When participating in this game, you create many home designs and have to meet the demanding needs of the residents. Players need to be delicate in building and decorating to bring them the best. Cartoon city 2 farm town story always creates conditions for you to develop and organize many fun entertainment activities for the residents here. It would help if you also had effective population management methods and measures to improve and enhance their quality of life. Those things will make the lives of the people here more and more enhanced and make them more comfortable.


Players also need to prepare more modern means of transportation to serve the movement of residents. Besides, food shops are also growing more and more, solving the eating problems of the people here. More and more train stations and bus stations help people to travel more conveniently. Not only that, but Cartoon city 2 farm town story also fixes errors and upgrades the stations to be more and more modern. At the same time, new types of transportation are also added. In addition, players also organize more festivals, fun, and reunions that are extremely interesting and bustling. Thanks to that, your town has become much busier.

Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home Cartoon City 2 – Farm to Town. Build dream home


Near your city is a beautiful little village, all farming and livestock activities of this farm are provided for your city. Players also need to grow a lot of wheat, corn, and beans, vegetables. Not only that, but you also need to focus on raising cows, pigs, and chickens to get more eggs and milk. Those are the ingredients needed for the factories in your city. Your own hands create all activities in this game, and players rely on those factors to determine the development path for their city.


  • Feel free to design and build your own dream city with the presence of lovely houses and urban areas, parks, supermarkets, and extremely romantic flower-filled streets.
  • Build a full agricultural farm with many different types of agricultural products to serve the dietary needs of the residents as well as make raw materials for factories to bring the city’s economy to develop.
  • Create many mini-games and organize various festivals and fun events in the city to improve and enhance their quality of life more.
  • Give effective city development methods and choose the right path for your city and strive to become a great mayor that everyone admires.
  • Invest in many different types of vehicles to serve the travel needs of people and improve and fix the system of stations to bring the best experience to players.
  • Enjoy a fun entertainment space with cute and funny pictures of animals in the game, along with wonderful high-rise buildings.

Cartoon City 2 v3.21 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Gems) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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