Download Castle Raid! v2.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Castle Raid is an engaging, entertaining game with tactical gameplay to find your way to the enemy squad and capture the enemy’s castle.

Castle Raid with fascinating gameplay, entertainment, and tactical elements, the reasonable calculation to defeat the enemy squad. Along with different formations and creative customization, you can choose to approach the enemy in your style with your limitless creativity. In addition, many extraordinary things and unique features are waiting for you. With very low graphics and capacity requirements, this game is always ready to create an unforgettable experience for the entertainment needs of players.

Castle Raid!

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In the game, you will play the role of a guide; your job is to create a path for your army. Facing the pre-arranged formation of the enemy defending their castle as a guide, you will lead your army to defeat them and take the castle. With customizable gameplay, your creativity and ways of approaching your enemies are endless. The combination of two factors, including fun entertainment and game strategy, promises to bring you a simple entertainment game with all the necessary elements of a well-rounded game on both the theme and the game.


In the game, there are many levels; you will have to capture the castle to win the level to conquer the next level. The layout and arrangement of the levels are not nearly the same. This creates inspirations that make your gaming experience attractive, inspire the game, and remove sad emotions when the game is boring and repeated too many times.

Castle Raid! Castle Raid!


Not only possessing a diverse game screen, but Castle Raid also makes players have to use their thinking and creativity to win later in the game. Different from the initial simple levels, you will face levels with increasing difficulty. You must get used to the defeats from few to many in the face of well-arranged formations and a huge number of enemy troops if they want to capture the castle.

With difficulty in finding ways to approach the enemy when manipulating, you will have to calculate and think more. From the above, the game will gradually transform from an entertaining strategy game into a standard strategy game that challenges your abilities.


With just one finger and a few simple operations, the game will give you a simple gaming experience but full of elements and features required of a complete game. Along with customizable settings and easy-to-learn gameplay, experiencing the game will become more accessible than ever. Simple games are suitable for all audiences as well as easily meet entertainment needs in all circumstances.

Castle Raid! Castle Raid!


The colors in the game are generally designed to be colorful but not disruptive. Bright colors and witty visuals and effects will provide a fun combat strategy game experience without elements of violence that are especially suitable for a wide range of people. Children who approach the game will not be affected by the inherent violent elements of fighting games when Castle Raid is now a witty, fun game with very bright colors.


  • Diverse game screens, increasing difficulty, players enjoy conquering
  • Colors, images are designed bright with vivid sound
  • Tactics with creative gameplay conquer the game in their own way
  • The game is available and easy to download on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Completely free from installation to gaming experiences.

Castle Raid! v2.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (87M)

Download (87M)

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