Download CastMix v5.2.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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CastMix v5.2.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

CastMix Mod APK – Subscribe to your favorite podcasts, listen to the most recent episodes of your favorite podcasts, explore suggestions, and browse an infinite podcast archive.

CastMix Podcast & Radio takes you on a tour of the world of audio entertainment like podcasts, ubiquitous radio. You can control your channel by including data in the favorites collection, watched history, watching, or watching later. In addition, the interface system has a variety of themes from plains to high mountains, from warm colors to cool colors for you to change freely. Not stopping there, we give you the ability to turn on notifications every time a podcast episode is produced.


Manage your entertainment inventory with CastMix’s unique, convenient tools. You are given access to the application’s storage system, where users can transfer their favorite podcast episodes to favorites or even download them to watch anytime, anywhere. In addition, a watch list will help you manage data in the best way.

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CastMix Podcast & Radio CastMix Podcast & Radio


If you are wondering which channel or episode to watch in this vast world, let us help you with a list of recommendations. You can visit here to choose for yourself the most popular podcast episodes, which many users enjoy. It is also sorted by the categories you often choose, thereby filtering and giving similar results.


CastMix’s search system is built quite simply, suitable for all users, whether new to the application or proficient. You can enter the keyword of the podcast episode, the radio, or the channel owner who created it, all of which are received, analyzed by the application, and given the most accurate results closest to it. In addition to providing accurate information, a single search also offers other suggestions that match the style of the original development, giving you many new and unexpected experiences.

CastMix Podcast & Radio CastMix Podcast & Radio


Here, you not only selfishly enjoy your own masterpieces, but sharing is also appreciated when CastMix sets up the sharing feature. Like other social apps, you can click on the share icon and start your sharing process with everyone. Specifically, the application will suggest a couple of familiar applications such as landing Messenger, Facebook, etc… Besides, you can easily copy the link to paste it at any address.


Busy work makes it impossible for you to remember or know what day and time the podcast you usually listen to will produce a new episode. You can’t check in every day, every hour; that’s why we have provided the feature to turn on notifications. Specifically, whenever there is a new podcast episode, the application will send you a notification immediately. In the message, the line will appear specifically the title name, so if you are interested in it, you can visit; if not, you can ignore it.

CastMix Podcast & Radio CastMix Podcast & Radio


A great application can not fail to mention the appearance that users approach every day in addition to content and dozens of other convenient features. CastMix possesses a diverse theme system, which few similar applications can do. Depending on the mood, weather, and preferences, users can freely choose the theme to apply. Talking about a colorful rainbow color palette, high mountains with green fields or the image of a girl playing DJ will attract you?

CastMix v5.2.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) Download

Download (14M)

Download (14M)

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