Download Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG v1.3.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Try an idle defensive RPG. Catch Idle Mod APK contains amazing visuals, gripping music, and incremental rpg idle game features.

This is the best 2D clicker RPG ever created. Build tools and create Camp Mastery Trees! While doing nothing, play a top-tier defensive role-playing game. Catch Idle will keep you entertained for a long time because of its magnificent aesthetics, engaging soundtrack, and amazing incremental role-playing game (idle game) components.

Discover why our players regard us as one of the most exciting idle clicker RPGs, where you have complete control over constructing your characters’ dwellings. Even the most devoted battle hunters may grow tired of spending too much time leveling up and earning things in dungeons and quests. Most role-playing games require you to keep playing to progress. Catch Idle, however, requires no tapping to interrupt the activity. Whether you are in-game or not, your mission history and standing will be saved. The game will always have unstoppable growth and gold accumulation, game or not.

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You can select from various hero soldiers, including dragons, in Barrack. Complete your missions to earn bonuses (especially the daily ones). The game has magnificent pictures, a soundtrack, and ambiance, and it improves your forces’ powers to heal, stun, terrorize, and poison. You can increase the bonuses of your legion by spending gems, orbs, tokens, or honor points on various improvements. Take part in both the PvE and PvP game modes! Obstacle Course and Battleground Complex Make every effort to ensure that the troops have formidable equipment. The player can construct strong objects. You can put up your tent in almost any place after you’ve mastered the art of camping. Because of your accomplishment in seven different leagues, you will be the first player ever inducted into the Hall of Fame. Exploring different areas will allow you to gain more points in the Archaeology skill. Other perks are available at no additional cost. Your phone’s display will be protected while in Idle Mode (the battle will continue in the background).


  • Auto quest & auto progress fight even while you’re idle
  • Gain an infinite amount of experience and gold even while you aren’t actively playing the game.
  • a selection of different hero troops, such as dragons and other creatures, are available from the Barracks.
  • To get prizes, you must first complete tasks, particularly Daily Missions.
  • Incredible graphics, music, and sound effects all around.
  • Upgrade your units and make use of talents like reviving, stunning, frightening, and poisoning.
  • Increase the effectiveness of a variety of buffs for your legion by spending gems, orbs, tokens, and honor points.
  • Participate in both the PvP and PvE modes! (Arena & Elite Dungeon)
  • It is important to outfit the troops with formidable equipment.
  • Construct useful and robust products.
  • Camp Mastery – Construct your own own unique campsite!
  • Your great accomplishment over all seven leagues will propel you to the top spot in the Hall of Fame.
  • Discover the secrets of the other regions to get archaeology points.
  • There are many FREE bonuses to be collected!
  • Idle Mode will safeguard the display of your mobile device. (the fight will still be going on in the background)

Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG v1.3.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (98M)

Download (98M)

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