Download Charge Meter v2.7.3 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Charge Meter v2.7.3 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Charge Meter is for the list of apps that protect your device well while possessing the unique features of a battery saver. Possessing all the adjustment and monitoring tools, its appearance will now somewhat give timely warnings for the battery’s condition. The newly updated version also adds alarms when the battery is low and notifications reminding the device that it needs to be fully charged. This is the most amazing research I have ever seen!


Installed on all types of devices, Charge Meter performs the task of measuring the actual battery capacity in mAh and displaying it in the broadest space of the interface. Its appearance also makes the process of studying the daily battery consumption rate on the application. A specific table ranks from high to low the sources of increased battery consumption. Thus, it is easier for users to detect the application that needs to be restricted to protect the device.

Charge Meter Charge Meter Charge Meter


The Charge Meter’s home screen will show the charging time required to fill the battery or the time remaining for you to use the device. Because of these small notifications, the user can precisely align the time it takes to complete. Charging speed depends on each model, but you can also find this information when accessing the application’s screen. The temperature of the battery increases when you use it too much or when there is currently flowing in, so providing a temperature measurement tool is necessary.

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Available right in the Charge Meter, an ultimate toolchain that supports other settings in the app. First, there are two types of screen modes: light and dark. Depending on the time period or preferences, there are reasonable choices. Besides, all the application’s utilities are located right on the main screen, easily accessible. In addition, it is also classified as an ad-free application that causes interference during device battery monitoring.

Charge Meter Charge Meter Charge Meter


Charge Meter does an excellent job of monitoring and promptly updating information about the battery quality of installed devices, giving warnings and tools to protect them. Dozens of great features and smart arrangements are part of the user-friendly interface. The version is still in the process of listening to feedback for quick fixes, so your evaluation after your experience is precious to us!

Download Charge Meter v2.7.3 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Download (11M)

Download (11M)

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