Download Chess Coach Pro v2.85 APK (Full Game)

Chess Coach Pro is a game that promises to bring you moments of comfort through dramatic and exciting chess matches. Compete with opponents and win every match.

If you are passionate about chess, especially chess, this is the game that meets all your desires. Players will experience a unique chess board and find ways to open up new strategies to win.

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Chess Coach Pro


Chess Coach Pro is the right environment for you to exercise your mind as well as acquire new knowledge through this game. The game will lead you to a world full of knowledge through thrilling but equally attractive chess games. However, this is not a game based on luck, where players need to show off their skills and unique strategies to win. The application will set up automatic play mode so that it can be ready to fight you at any time, immediately starting your journey to conquer the chessboard.

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Chess Coach Pro


In order not to cause feelings for gamers, the game will lead you to an exciting playing space only in this game. It is not natural that chess is likened to war in miniature because of its attractiveness, and at the same time, players will have to invest a lot of brainpower to find the right path and defeat the opponent. However, this game is quite complicated, and sometimes you cannot calculate all the reasonable strategies to move. In addition, with just a little opening, you can be checked and defeated on the chessboard, be careful and always focus on defeating your opponent.

Chess Coach Pro


The game is designed with a harmonious interface with pleasant colors so that you can experience the most comfortable space when playing. In addition, the game will provide you with 4,200 chess puzzles with different themes for you to explore, and at the same time, you need to guess the correct move to be able to move on to the next move. Besides, the enemy will always be close to your moves, so you need to think carefully so that you don’t regret it when you leave. Also, you can invent your own strategy to win.

Chess Coach Pro


  • Experience the fascinating chess game, and you will have the opportunity to train your thinking through this intellectual game, start your matches and win
  • The game will give you a chessboard with two incredibly realistic black and white pieces so you can feel the best of the game, plus you will fight on a unique chessboard.
  • This game does not rely on chance, so players will have to use their own unique strategies to create the most dangerous positions to defeat the opponent.
  • With attractive and addictive gameplay, you will be immersed in space with chess pieces; you will also have to solve puzzles to get to the next chess move.
  • Freedom to create your own paths as long as you comply with the rules to be able to win; this is the perfect intellectual game and highly suitable for you to experience.

Chess Coach Pro v2.85 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (5.0M)

Download (5.0M)

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