Download Chicken VS Man v1.040 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Upgrade)

Chicken VS Man takes place in an empty land, where chickens and humans have to fight for life. The chickens will become strong and rebel against various human actions.

Chicken VS Man doesn’t stop when it comes to creating an extraordinary confrontation between two familiar subjects. Players will be joined as a leader, managers and given the right strategies. You will start with a small army, but don’t forget that their number will increase if you provide enough development conditions. Various tasks are assigned in the mailbox; the challenges are also there. The system in the new version has upgraded the IAP version to make your experience better.

Chicken VS Man

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The story of the feud between the chicken army and the humans that will be built in Chicken VS Man needs intelligent and professional leaders. With extremely small initial numbers, players will have to find ways to solve crises of the barn, food, and time. When there are conditions to fight the crowded army of humans, the new chickens show their ability clearly. Powerful front lines will soon put your opponents back, or cunning strategies will help you outrun human conspiracies.

Chicken VS Man


The battle formation that you sent out in Chicken VS Man has undergone physical training. Each of the leading chickens has a large appearance and terrible power. However, it would help if you still continued to do the rearing work so that you could provide enough chickens for each game. Food sources produced through the processing machine will be distributed to the chickens, when provided with adequate nutrition, they will be full of energy. A good army will depend on how the commander builds and arranges the formation.

Chicken VS Man


Chicken VS Man will apply thee basic skill sets to aim for significant changes of formation and situation. At the beginning of the war, you need to master some skills necessary to defeat the humans. Martial arts will be taught by a dedicated teacher, a variety of modern shooting machines will be provided to give you more motivation to overcome challenges. Other skills will support you during the game operation. Go ahead and defeat the humans in this exciting strategy game!

Chicken VS Man


Chicken VS Man will continue with special changes to the content; the requests made by the experiencers will be met in the shortest time. Besides, once you win on the battlefield, great rewards will be distributed, and your position on the leaderboards will be significantly improved. As a scheming commander, continue the campaign with clever strategies and get more of the game’s deals!

Chicken VS Man


  • Develop a chicken squad in the campaign against humans, ensuring you always have enough troops to replenish each match.
  • Raise more chickens and expand breeding and production areas. Increase the productivity of your food processor for more supplies.
  • Face off against humans after receiving arrogant challenges, defeat them and make your opponents fear you.
  • Implement equipment such as fighting spirit, heavy weapons and thoughtful strategies for a dominant match.
  • Get special rewards after winning, have different benefits in the process of cultivating the army.

Chicken VS Man v1.040 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Upgrade) Download

Download (46M)

Download (46M)

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