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Chimeraland APK is an exciting role-playing game with a large open world; participating in a dramatic survival battle to survive, you need to build yourself an area to live in.

Explore the vast world in Chimeraland, and you will be immersed in a fantasy world full of dreams. You will choose a character or race according to the suggestions to find the character that best suits your personality. Your mission is to find a way to survive in this land through hunting and gathering every day. Your job is to hunt, eat meat, ride horses, tame wild beasts, and visit many places in this mysterious wild world, which is the premise to help you build your future.

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The game gives players a large map with lots of unique natural landscapes and different types of environments. At each location in the world in the game, players will go through a different journey when encountering countless challenges ahead created by legendary monsters. Not only that, but players can also find materials and build buildings of their own to create fun in the game or simply create a place to hide. Store the essentials in your journey around the world to defeat your monsters.

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The main enemies that players need to destroy in the main game are monsters with many different shapes as well as different strengths based on the difficulty of each challenge. These monsters come from outer space or have long resided in the beautiful world that the player is exploring; they carry very unpredictable powers and often link together to lead to a monster’s highest strength so that players can use all skills to defeat.



What do you want your character to look like? A strong human or a special beast? The game gives you even more choices when you can customize your character to suit your own taste and style. The characters have very different looks, but there is no significant difference in strength; what makes the difference in strength is the weapon in the player’s hand – weapons that can be obtained through the character’s different levels or bonus events. Choose for yourself a special character to show your own personality; with the weapon in your hand, you will use your power to drive the monsters out of your world.



  • Choose the character that suits your personality as an ancient and go through a fascinating battle for survival.
  • Large open world for you to easily explore many new locations and build yourself a safe survival area.
  • Diverse weapon system with flexible, smooth combat experience, and you can change weapons as you want to suit the situation.
  • Meaningful and attractive storyline, players will be drawn during the battle, going through challenging survival missions.
  • Unique monsters with many different strange beasts for you to choose from, tame them to become your animals, support combat.

Chimeraland v2.0.2 APK (Latest) Download

Download (3.73 GB)

Download (3.73 GB)

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