Download Cinema Panic 2 v2.11.35a MOD APK (Money, Free Shopping)

Cinema Panic 2 Mod APK takes you to the role of a ticket counter clerk and serves food and drinks to guests who appear. These guests all have a degree of patience, and you will do your best.

Cinema Panic 2 provides your guests with different requirements that you will try to serve them best when they show up at the ticket counter. You will interact with them to find out what food and drink they want and receive money once the request has been fulfilled. At the same time, the kitchen tools will continuously increase over time, challenging players and requiring them to perform upgrades.

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Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game


In Cinema Panic 2, the player controls a waiter who works at the ticket counter of a cinema and serves food and drinks to moviegoers. You will observe their requirements, and if all requirements are met correctly, you will be able to earn money to use in this game. In addition, this game will require observation skills and appropriate tactics from the player when orienting the character in the game.

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Players will observe the character from a comprehensive perspective and can grasp the layout of the ticket counter in this game. Besides selling tickets, you can also find many machines used to make the respective drinks and food. In addition, the character will not stand in one place but will need to move between different positions, which will be a challenge for the player. Each level is a battle against time to meet the guests’ requirements and complete the game screen well.

Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game


In Cinema Panic 2, players will control the character to move to different locations to prepare a drink or a dish that customers request. At the same time, players will need to pay attention to the character’s travel time in the ticket counter area, so you will need to observe to prioritize preparing food or drinks for guests not to go away. In addition, the things that you have to prepare for will continuously increase over time.

When a guest comes to the ticket counter, you will need to move to them to know their request and see a specific request. In addition, this patience bar has not disappeared and continues to operate to indicate the appropriate preparation time for the player. This patience bar will continuously decrease until a guest leaves, and indeed, you will not let any guest leave because it affects the outcome of the level.

An interesting point for you to complete the level correctly is that you can complete the level as quickly as possible. Specifically, the staff you control can bring two types of food or drink to the guest, so you will need to know their completion time to bring it to the guests correctly. Combined with the combos, this mechanism will help you generate more money at each level, and the combos only last for a short period.

Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game


Over time, the dishes and drinks that you prepare will continuously appear in Cinema Panic 2, bringing challenges to the players. You won’t be able to choose the location for the new kitchen tools at the ticket counter, so sometimes traveling is not convenient. From there, you will have difficulty preparing dishes with a dense number of guests. The mechanism to help you overcome this is to upgrade the kitchen tools you have.

You will access a list of different items in the shop and select the target you want to upgrade. Specifically, you’ll be able to find the expected upgrade efficiency of your kitchen appliances easily, and from there, you’ll be able to consider which kitchen appliances to prioritize first. Indeed, anyone will love that the food and drinks appear faster to help them maintain the number of combos in each level.

Cinema Panic 2: Cooking game

The player will control the ticket counter staff to move and serve the guests appearing in the cinema:

  • At the ticket counter, players will interact with the guests that appear and prepare the drinks and dishes they desire to earn more money.
  • A level will have a list of different requirements and levels of patience, and you will need to prepare everything within the allotted time.
  • Players will find a combos system when serving a string of guests in a row, and combos only last for a certain amount of time.
  • The number of kitchen tools you can use can be difficult for you and are added when you reach a certain level.
  • These tools can be upgraded over time, and you can see the effect before upgrading to consider which factors you want to prioritize.

Cinema Panic 2 v2.11.35a MOD APK (Money, Free Shopping) Download

Download (54M)

Download (54M)

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