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Mega War – Clash of Legions is a strategy game where players will join their troops against many different types of enemies. You will take your time to complete the levels in the game, and for sure, they will become challenging. So, there will always be ways to strengthen your squad, and it will take quite a while to implement. You will certainly be able to unlock many types of units useful in battle.

Mega War – Clash of Legions


In Mega War – Clash of Legions, players will have a certain number of troops, and its limit is 200 units. So you will spend your time calling out a certain number within this limit and defeating certain enemies in the game. The goal that players will need to achieve in this game is straightforward: to overcome many enemies and destroy their base. At the same time, you also unlock many new elements to support your battle.

Your field will be split in two when your enemies will be on the right, and you will be on the left. The two halves of the game are carefully assigned to each side. So you will only be able to start summoning your troops in your area and let them gradually make their way through the remaining space. You won’t have any impact on the field as your minions will be automatically moved. So, your job is to constantly summon other troops and use specific skills to win the level.

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Mega War – Clash of Legions


When you start the first level in Mega War – Clash of Legions, you will see cards of the troops you can use. There will be a certain number corresponding to the amount of energy you need to use to summon them in each card. You will see an energy bar that continuously increases over time, and when enough mana for the card you want to call, you will drag it into battle. This process will be continuously performed to ensure that there are always troops on the field.

Mega War – Clash of Legions

When you have more cards to participate in the game screen, then you will see your cards will always be used. Each turn, you will use some cards from the card set you own. Also, when you summon a card, a new card will appear and take its place. After a few turns, a card similar to the one you used before will appear. So, this is also the element that brings the strategy to this game.


When you experience Mega War – Clash of Legions, there will be many different levels that you can overcome in this game. The number of enemies you face will be completely diverse, and you will find a way to overcome them. At the same time, besides the military cards, there are many other cards with supporting functions, such as arrow cards. It will help you summon a rain of arrows and damage the opponent. It can be seen as one of the effective player-support features.

Mega War – Clash of Legions

If you want to increase the effectiveness and power of your cards, you’ll need to upgrade them. You will get some chests and will be new cards of new and old troops. If you want to upgrade a specific character, you will need to ensure the required number of cards. So you will spend time completing levels and earn different types of cards. The squad card also helps you increase combat efficiency.

Clash of Legions v1.901 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

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Download (130M)

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