Download Classic Drum v8.18.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Classic Drum v8.18.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Classic Drum Mod APK helps you approach drums from easy to difficult through detailed and easy-to-follow video tutorials. You can download kits to transform the learning experience and store performances.

Classic Drum allows you to access the drums through various lessons and helps you have great performances. The video tutorials have detailed content and guide users step by step. Also, your performances can be saved and shared as MP3. In addition, you will be able to change the drumming experience through changing kits.

Classic Drum: electronic drums

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If you want to learn about drumming, then Classic Drum is the perfect choice for you to do so. It is designed to be suitable for many different audiences depending on their ability to play this instrument. Specifically, you can be a beginner or a skilled player. So anyone can access the features of the application and have an impressive experience that suits their needs.


In Classic Drum, newbies can access lessons and essential knowledge to have a long-term understanding of this instrument. You will be able to find instructional videos that will give you the motivation to learn. Specifically, you can learn it any time you want because it’s attached to your device, and you have to follow what the videos instruct and try to practice to memorize the knowledge and the melody.

Classic Drum: electronic drums


It can be said that users will find many pads when learning drums with Classic Drum, so mastering these pads is not an easy thing. Users can access lessons designed in detail and in different colors to see. Specifically, users can find the order of pads they need to press, and the essential pads in a lesson will stand out from the rest. So you need to click on the pre-specified order.


Once you’ve reached a certain level in Classic Drum, you’ll be able to have your rendition with songs of your choice. You will continue to follow the songs you like and play the drums according to your taste and skill. Also, do not miss any performances; you can enable recording and decide what you need to do with these files. In addition, you can also export it to MP3 format to share with others.

Classic Drum: electronic drums


A great point when you experience this application is that it supports many different resolutions. In other words, you’ll be able to experience it across multiple apps and choose the one that feels right to you. Different devices still produce the same sound quality, and the number of pads is unchanged. So users can switch between devices without thinking about the different circumstances they use.


In addition to resources related to using lessons to help you get used to playing the drums, users can also transform their drumming experience. The app presents many operating kits similar to those used on Android devices. So you can choose the colors for the pads you are using, and the number of these kits will continue to increase every week. You can update many people who are using which types of kits.

Classic Drum: electronic drums


When users experience the application to practice drums, you will undoubtedly notice the presence of ads. It is understandable since this is the free version and the only way to deal with these distractions is by upgrading to the premium version. From there, you can focus on drumming with diverse lessons and not have to worry about the sudden appearance of ads that could affect your experience.

Users absolutely cannot ignore the drumming experience that the application brings:

  • The app offers immersive drumming and practice experience and is suitable for various audiences, from beginners to skilled.
  • The number of lessons that the application provides is diverse and has detailed content to help learners access helpful knowledge.
  • The number of pads that you can play is varied, and you will try to master them with practice with detailed instructions and lessons.
  • Any user can play the drums and sing along to their favorite songs, and these performances are usually recorded and stored as MP3.
  • Users can download many different kits to change the experience and upgrade to the premium version to remove ads.

Classic Drum v8.18.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (120M)

Download (120M)

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