Download Classic Offline Sudoku v11.0 APK (Full Game)

Classic Offline Sudoku will hone your skills as well as the most logical arrangement. Players will get impressive puzzles, and you have to try to perfect them in a certain amount of time.

In turn, impressive puzzles will be given in Classic Offline Sudoku to give you a reasonable playing field. This is an impressive puzzle game; the puzzles will be divided into levels from easy to difficult for you to choose. Beginners can also choose the most accessible levels to get used to and create logic in the arrangement. You will get helpful help if you don’t know what numbers to choose from; the game also always supports you to the fullest.

Classic Offline Sudoku Classic Offline Sudoku

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The game will allow you to choose the right level to create the safest steps. In this impressive puzzle game, you will have the right to conquer single puzzles for you to complete. Players will see simple puzzles, medium puzzles, and more challenging puzzles. You always have the right to choose, and it is these advancements that give you the impression of this game.

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Difficult situations are always presented, and you must try to solve them as quickly as possible. Players will have to arrange the numbers in their correct rows without repetition. This will be very difficult for you if you are a beginner, but you will also find interesting things in the game itself. You have to limit the mistakes because the time will be deducted a lot once you are wrong, which is your disadvantage.

Classic Offline Sudoku Classic Offline Sudoku


You have to try to complete different levels to help you earn the right score. What’s more, you’ll also win tickets to the biggest puzzle-solving contest. Players will also meet friends, and they will also solve the same puzzles as you. Whoever solves the puzzle the fastest wins big and can get exciting game upgrades. Those upgrades help you complete higher levels if you want to continue to conquer the prizes.

Classic Offline Sudoku


  • The game has different levels for you to choose to challenge your own puzzle-solving ability.
  • Try to break them down into small clusters so that you can solve the problems and put the numbers in their correct places.
  • Observe horizontally and vertically to come up with the most impressive number combinations and avoid errors.
  • Try not to make too many mistakes because when you are wrong, the amount of time will be cut compared to the original time.
  • You will participate in big competitions organized by the game to find the person who deserves the fastest puzzle.

Classic Offline Sudoku v11.0 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (3.9M)

Download (3.9M)

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