Download Commando Strike Shooting v7.2 MOD APK (Enemy Can’t Attack)

FPS Commando Gun Games Offline takes players on dangerous missions while trying to destroy enemies with modern guns and complete the level objectives.

FPS Commando Gun Games Offline is an FPS game where players will receive missions to destroy dangerous targets. They will be able to find items that drop during the task, and one of them can be various guns. At the same time, they can unlock guns that they feel are suitable and test them in various challenging modes.

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FPS Commando Gun Games Offline


In FPS Commando Gun Games Offline, players will face dangers when enemies wait for them. They will need to complete the assigned task to complete the level, and of course, you will use the weapon to destroy the enemies who want to attack you because the level will end when you fall. In addition, you will get access to the typical control method of the FPS genre with some interesting settings that you cannot ignore.

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The player controls the character with two hands with different controls, and this requires detailed control from the player from aiming to killing enemies. At the same time, the game difficulty screen will continuously increase, so the initial levels will have a suitable opportunity for players to get used to this control method. The game also provides them with an Auto Fire feature that they can turn on at any time, but of course, the experience will not be as possible as you control the character yourself.

FPS Commando Gun Games Offline


When starting the game screen of FPS Commando Gun Games Offline, you will control the character to go to different locations to destroy enemies or destroy something. At the same time, the area you come to is not too large at all, so you can quickly identify enemies and destroy them at a safe distance. The game gives you a HUD to quickly locate enemies as they are clearly displayed as red dots.

On top of each enemy, a health bar will appear so the player can know the enemy’s current condition. At the same time, similar to other FPS games, the damage done to the enemy will vary depending on the part you target. You will be able to take down enemies when performing a headshot quickly, and of course, this completely requires skill on the part of the player, and some scoped guns will help you do this.

When you kill a specific enemy, the item drop rate will appear, and you can find many different types of items. Those can be magazines for you to use and continue the journey to destroy your enemies. Also, in some cases, enemy weapons may drop, and you will be able to pick them up to use throughout the level. So, a diverse number of guns are waiting for you to learn and unlock, and it will undoubtedly be an attractive experience for players.

FPS Commando Gun Games Offline


It can be said that each weapon has its characteristics in FPS Commando Gun Games Offline, and of course, players will want to try out different weapons. From there, they will choose a weapon that suits their experience, and of course, it will be a long experience as they have to go through many different challenges. In addition, when you have the right weapon, then surely, you will want to challenge with more exciting levels.

Besides the default game mode, players can access other game modes such as time trials. The rules of this mode are elementary, you will go to a place full of different characters, and of course, within a specified time, you will try to destroy as many enemies as possible. At the same time, the weapon drop rate will be higher, so you can have interesting experiences with guns with different designs.

FPS Commando Gun Games Offline

Players will participate in challenging shooting levels:

  • Players will be sent to a location with a limited size and try to locate targets on the map to destroy them and complete the level.
  • Challenging levels with difficulty continuously increase over time, and during the game, players will be able to pick up many valuable items.
  • Over time, players will try to master the use of their weapons and try to find ways to deal massive damage to enemies.
  • There are various modern weapons that players will spend time exploring, and in some modes, players can even try weapons for free.
  • Besides the default levels, players can also participate in many other modes, such as the time trial where you will destroy enemies.

Commando Strike Shooting v7.2 MOD APK (Enemy Can’t Attack) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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