Download Cooking Quest v1.0.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals)

Cooking Quest makes you unable to stay away from the sales trucks in this kingdom because it is enjoyable. Start your adventure by gathering ingredients to be able to create your delicacies.

You can’t control how long you play Cooking Quest when it’s enjoyable. This is no longer a simple cooking game but also a battle of real chefs. You will start your adventure to the kingdoms of the world and collect the best cooking ingredients. Thereby, you can get yourself great recipes with only a small cooking truck, day and night efforts to create delicious dishes. You can already upgrade and create even more cooking trucks.

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure

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World of Cooking Quest never missing delicacies, elated with the decision but that it would be the most lucid thought in your life. When “starting a business” with a small sales truck. In order to gain more experience in cooking, you have set out on an adventure to many parts of the kingdom and obtained for yourself great recipes. This will be the most arduous and memorable journey of your life to collect rare ingredients for your dishes.


You will have to spend a lot of time in the process of creating your delicious dishes. It takes a lot of work to create delicious dishes from the many rare ingredients you just found. There are many special ingredients in the world, and the quality is also very delicious. Try to collect them all to be able to transform your dishes. Create the most delicious dishes with all the ingredients you can’t manage to collect in Cooking Quest. Every dish created will be a worthy outcome for you in the process.

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure


With constant efforts when collecting many rare ingredients, creating great dishes shouldn’t be too difficult for you, right? Do not neglect cooking, because it is the result of whether you have tried or not. If you make a lot of delicious dishes with the food truck in your town, the customers will come to you more than… Therefore, you have to put a lot of heart into the dishes, creating delicious products. and customers will love your food truck more and more.


Experience the culinary journey with Cooking Quest will give you many different feelings. Some people will find themselves learning many new recipes through the game, and sometimes they realize they’ve fallen in love with cooking with their pickup truck. And through the arduous cooking process, you can travel across the kingdom and participate in food festivals. Through food festivals in many towns, players can treat it as a casual outing, learning more cooking knowledge and at the same time promoting their cooking truck.


Please don’t waste money when using it for essential purposes, and you can get rich from the capital you spend. It’s time for you to upgrade your cooking truck when it’s famous. Hire workers to work as chefs or heroes to protect your area. You can make your truck more famous by traveling around the area and competing with many other players. Don’t forget to enter contests, win and bring home many new recipes.

Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure Cooking Quest : Food Wagon Adventure


You can get rich with just a cooking truck, devise more strategies and expand even more branches. With Cooking Quest, you cook and enrich your delicious and nutritious dishes. Let’s build more buildings in town, to attract more immigrants to your area. At that time, you and your food truck dominated the area.

  • Adventure to the emirates to collect many rare ingredients for his delicacies.
  • Create top-notch dishes from the ingredients you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Customers show their love for your food by giving daily support and referring their friends.
  • Going on a long trip to promote the food truck while attending food festivals around the kingdom.
  • Upgrade your cooking zone by hiring workers like chefs or heroes protecting trucks while challenging other players.

Cooking Quest v1.0.35 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals) Download

Download (43M)

Download (43M)

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