Download COSPLAY LOVE! v1.0.0 APK (Full Game)

COSPLAY LOVE! APK – The road to cosplay opens up for a young girl and a young designer when they first encounter each other.

The main character works for a company that makes accessories, and they’ve felt trapped in their work for the past few days. They are frustrated and unable to complete their jobs. When he first started, he was excited to be handed responsibility for product design; nevertheless, the designs he came up with were later discarded. When he first started, he was ecstatic to be assigned responsibility for product design.

One day, he decided to return to the roots of his hobby, which was making things and decorations for subcultures. As a result, he elected to join as an ordinary person in the Time’s Aegis -Another Mission- cosplay products event. He had the opportunity to speak with a cosplayer who held an exceptional degree of talent there. Even though they quarreled with the girl, who is every anime fan’s ideal, he intended to end their relationship by the end of the party. On the other hand, he eventually got into a fight with her.

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After the protagonist had worked long hours for several days in succession, she approached him at a nearby coffee shop to start a conversation. The young lady was incredibly gorgeous, and the main character had recently spent a lot of time at the office. He was surprised to see the lovely lady who had been cosplaying at the convention the day before when he finally identified her. Would you like to join me on our cosplay adventures as my TA-obsessed companion? She resolved to learn more. Do you believe in destiny? Because in this parallel timeline, our lives have collided once more. The love story between the new designer and Mademoiselle begins at this moment and takes the form of a relationship between two cosplayers.

COSPLAY LOVE! v1.0.0 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (600M)

Download (600M)

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