Download Cross Stitch v2.7.1 MOD APK (Money/Full version)

Cross Stitch gives players an environment to embroider images directly on mobile devices. When you come to this place, you own the colors, and the excellent embroidery needle becomes your own right hand.

Sewing has never been so easy and optimized when using Cross Stitch. This world gives players highly unique experiences that help you enhance your concentration ability and your aesthetic eye’s creativity. With straightforward gameplay to suit the majority of users, whether you have just joined here or have become a senior, it doesn’t matter.


Why is this game considered suitable for all players, from children to adults? It is especially suitable for the whole family to compete or support each other to experience the weekend. The answer to the above question is the game’s simplicity because when you come to this world, you just have to drop the tenants with the color settings along with the available letters or numbers in the correct positions marked on the photo only.

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Cross Stitch: Color by Number Cross Stitch: Color by Number


Besides the simple gameplay, Cross Stitch also attracts millions of players when the interface on the screen is minimalistic but extremely attractive. The screen is divided into two parts, with the upper part being the image of the work that you are about to embroider. And below are the color suggestions and symbols that coincide with the above for you to see and mark more efficiently than ever.


First of all, to start the upcoming journey of embroidery and needlework, players need to choose the work they like. Appearing in front of you are hundreds of complete images in the form of a grid that makes it much easier for players to observe and compare. You can choose any image you want regardless of plays, newbies, or longtime players. Everything is done fairly and equally in this needlework environment. We are ready, and are you ready to create Cross Stitch with them?

In general, although there are many images, it generally falls within certain areas. Specifically, it is animals such as dogs, cats, or art with abstract images. Not stopping there, Cross Stitch also brings you fantastic landscape images from the most famous locations in the world. In addition, images of people are also favored to appear for players to choose from.

Cross Stitch: Color by Number Cross Stitch: Color by Number


If you are wondering about hundreds of photos with different topics that are quite messy, you can visit our catalog search. Here, Cross Stitch organizes everything according to certain themes. Not only that, based on the embroidery works that you have completed in the past, we capture the preferences of the players and start recommending similar images to bring you reasonable choices.

After the player completes the piece, we allow you to save it to your personal collection so that you can review it at any time. Not only that but it can also be shared anywhere in the world through social networking platforms when sharing the original directly with friends and family. Experience the classics of famous artists every moment you want to be entertained and anywhere with or without the internet.

  • The world of embroidery and sewing is extremely convenient right on the screen of smart mobile devices.
  • Own hundreds of works of art with themes ranging from animals to abstract images.
  • Usage is as simple as choosing the correct color and symbol position of the suggested table and the image above.
  • New works will be released every week to give players a unique experience.
  • Practice concentration and creativity anytime, anywhere, and share it with everyone in the world with just one touch.

Cross Stitch v2.7.1 MOD APK (Money/Full version) Download

Download (57M)

Download (57M)

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