Download CRSED Mobile v3. APK (Full Game)

CRSED Mobile Mod APK is a bloodthirsty online shooter with melee weapons, guns, magical rituals, and supernatural abilities.

CRSED Mobile is a brutal, first-person shooter game featuring firearms, magic spells, and supernatural abilities. Pick a hero from the fantastic Champions who have abilities like stopping time or transforming into beasts. You must battle it out in some of the world’s most stunning locations to be the last guy standing. You can fight solo or with a group of pals.

The most efficient approach to killing adversaries is with realistic weapons, but you shouldn’t discount the usage of magic. Use your unique power by performing ancient rituals or blood sealing, attacking your foes with hex bags, etc. There are many ways to avoid combat, such as flooding the entire map or making the Sun go black, setting traps, calling zombies, or simply moving out of the way. However, to purchase CRSED’s strength, you must first obtain sinner souls through enemy deaths.

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Massive and bloody player vs. player battles: Dozens of players begin their trip in a gorgeous and complex landscape, fighting their way to the center of the continually diminishing battlefield while being pushed back by the deadly wall of the Dark Zone. There are constantly new, highly realistic-looking weaponry and armor being added (including a wide range of battle-proven XX century classics such as the Mosina rifle and the MG-42 machine gun, as well as a selection of current firearms).

It is possible to heal allies, slow down foes, lay numerous traps, summon the dead, and transfer enemies great distances with the help of certain demonic abilities. Travel between locations is possible using a wide range of land vehicles and watercraft available to the players. Players can create and learn to use their seals, rituals, suites, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions, and other items in the game. You’ll need a few of these items to complete your Champion build, while the rest are purely cosmetic.


  • Numerous players start their journey in the scenic and meticulously drawn area, battling their way to the heart of the battlefield that is continually contracting in size as it is squeezed by the wall of the dangerous Dark Zone. Massive and violent PvP combat ensue.
  • An ever-increasing selection of military armor and weaponry with very accurate modeling, including several battle-tested XX century classics like the Mosina rifle or MG-42 machine gun.
  • There are several demonic abilities that let you heal allies, slow down adversaries, lay many traps, summon undead, or even transport enemies far away.
  • The players can travel long distances with the use of several different watercraft and land vehicles.
  • Players may create and learn new seals, rituals, suits, masks, gestures, tombstones, camera minions, and other objects as part of a deep customization system. Some of them are crucial for your unique Champion build, while others are only decorative.

CRSED Mobile v3. APK (Full Game) Download

Download (50M)

Download (50M)

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